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Firstly, I apologise for missing a few days of our #222days to the Wizard Course campaign. 

I moved interstate, lost wifi for a few days and ended up with a huge backlog.  Not just our #222days, but the work I do for a living.

So, this is why today I’ve rolled the last few days into one and decided it was a good opportunity to tie up the last 10 days with a recap. 


So, how has the #222days been?

I have had some good feedback that so far what has been shared is helping, mainly ex-members, to solidify the control mechanisms and techniques used, which resulted in their long term commitment to Avatar and The Path.

The most eye opening is definitely the amount of confession used in Avatar and how much our secrets, personal life and past is used against us. 

This can be quite devastating to look back on when in your heart, and of course your mind, you truly believed you were “bearing all” for not only your own enlightenment and awakening, but the awakening of humanity.

Another consequence of this type of manipulation, especially for those who were part of the Group for a long time, is the tendency to leave with very low self esteem, little confidence, PTSD and anxiety. 

I’ve spoken to MANY who have left with these types of symptoms and who were led to believe they were bad people and they had “created” their own suffering. 


The Elmira Newspaper Reports, 1988

Make sure you read the Elmira Newspaper articles which was shared on Day 4.  You can see here again how a system of Ethics and confessing was clearly a big part of Harry’s Scientology Mission back in the 80s.  Also, how this ‘system’ of reporting and folders kept of our transgressions, secrets (back then called Overts) was used against Margie as a form of blackmail after she had left and decided to speak out about the destructive and corrupt practices her and other members had experienced. (this was put on record with the Elmira police at the time).

By looking back at how Harry and Avra run their ex-Scientology mission, we can see that there is very little difference in Avatar.  Their practices get more destructive, controlling, manipulative and coercive the higher up the Advanced Intern Program you go. 

Like ALL abuse and corruption – it’s kept hidden and “behind closed doors”.

Just because you haven’t seen it – DOES NOT mean it does not exist!

It is ignorance and “victim shaming” to say that “you haven’t seen it”, so therefore it is not happening. 

This is no different than saying a wife hasn’t been abused by her husband, because he has always been kind to you OR a child has not been sexually abused because you never saw the perpetrator do it.

What makes these types of remarks even more chilling is that they are from Avatar Masters, who claim to be loving, compassion and enlightened.  

Yes, in some circumstances it could be argued that there may be another side to the story.  However, that other side (Harry, Avra and Stars Edge) will not provide any comment, statement, nor have they EVER expressed ANY concern at all about these accusations.  They have shown NO remorse or care for people who have been hurt, nor will they address anything we have shared in our expose since January 2018.

This to me says THEY DON’T CARE ONE BIT!

Internally its just claimed that its led by a mentally unstable person, that all people who speak up are insane or unstable and that people who have had a bad experience “created it” and are “not taking responsibility for their experience”.

This to me screams that they do not give a damn about people. 

If they are not getting “success stories”, money, loyalty and complete devotion – they don’t care. 

This leads me into Day 11, where tomorrow I will share again all the letters which have ever been sent to Harry, Avra and Stars Edge. I will also go over the most concerning parts of them, which have never ever been acknowledged nor addressed.

These are definitely not the actions of leaders who care about humanity.

They are not the actions of responsible leaders.

Stay posted!