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Ex-Avatar Masters

We will be updating this section more fully shortly, but for the time being, here are some pointers if you are an ex-Avatar Master and need some support:

  1. Initially, do feel free to reach out to me with your current situation and I can guide you in the right direction:
  2. See if there are any ex-cult member support groups near you.  For example, if you live in Australia, CIFS have local meet up groups in Sydney.  If you are in the USA, ICSA have meet up groups in many states.  You can find both of these contact details here>>
  3. Cult Recovery 101 do support for ex members, some which is online.  This can be one to one, or as a group.  If you are struggling financially, there is support still available.  Their website is:
  4. Families Against Cult Teachings also offer one to one support for ex-members of cults who are struggling>>


Another thing which is very healing is to read as much literature and watch as many videos as possible on cults, other groups and education on undue influence, mind control, thought reform, etc.  It can really help you to understand what happened to you, that it is not your fault, and the similarities between groups/techniques, etc.

If you have had a negative experience and would like to report it, then do please send in your critical review.  You can do this using your name or anonymously.

Critical reviews allow us to warn others, help family, friends and loved ones to see what is happening, and to also bring more light to the practices of Avatar which are useful for “cultwatch” and also any prosecution for the future.

Again, if you are not sure what to do, then send me a direct email to: and I can guide you to the appropriate people, organisations and material.

All the best