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Here are the TOP 20 Cultic Warning Signs you must watch out for!  All can be found within Avatar.


✔︎ The group/person has the Total and Only answer. Only they have the right line, will make the revolution, solve your problems, empower you, make you loved, rich, effective, holy, etc.

✔︎ Attempts to isolate you from existing close relationships (friends/family) and the outside world

 Extreme, immediate and/or inappropriate friendliness or attention.

✔︎ Promises of perfection if only you adhere to their program.

✔︎ Your “gut-feeling” tells you something is wrong. Trust this, and try to analyze it.

✔︎ The group creates conditions of extreme stress, threat or fear (emotional and/or physical).

✔︎ Not answering questions, or turning them back on the questioner.

✔︎ Inappropriate personal boundaries.

✔︎ Loaded language: strange language or jargon you initially can’t understand. Canned, repetitive phrases.

✔︎ A hard sell for further commitment, programs or contact. If you resist, you’re selfish, ungodly, “bourgeois”, don’t believe in yourself, etc.

✔︎ Encouragement to cut ties with family or friends, unless you can recruit them.

✔︎ Secrecy, inappropriate “confidentiality”.

✔︎ Lack of privacy – constantly with group members, constantly busy with group activities.

✔︎ Ends justifies the means. It’s OK to lie to others in the name of the Cause, God, for success, etc.

✔︎ Challenging your fundamental identity: Your strengths are criticized as your weaknesses.

✔︎ Once you’re in, heavy pressure to stay in.

✔︎ Those who do leave are shunned. They become the enemy, or objects of pity.

✔︎ No criticism allowed of the group or leader. The group/leader is always right.

✔︎ Deception: what you thought you’d get on joining or attending an activity turns out to be something else.


Protect yourself and understand the warning signs!