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BBC NEWS: Avatar: Scientology-style sect causes concern in Netherlands

Reports of a Scientology-style sect infiltrating schools have aroused concern in the Netherlands.

A television investigation claimed to have found at least six private schools governed by “Avatar wizards” and guided by the principles of the Avatar ideology.

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President of the School of Space: ‘No parents are recruited for Avatar at our school

At least six Dutch schools are  supporters of Avatar, a movement similar to Scientology.


Scientology-like club Avatar ‘infiltrates schools’

Brain flushing Meldpunt Sektesignaal calls for research by the Education Inspectorate into the dissemination of Avatar ideas through schools.



Former top civil servant appears to be wizard of Scientology-like movement (9th March 2018)


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NZ Herald: We’d Like to Welcome You To ‘Enlightenment [17th Aug 2014]








Harry Palmer’s Scientology Mission, Star’s Edge, and Avatar Special Report Series, Elmira Star-Gazette, February 2 – 7, 1988 – By Lisa Bennett, Staff Writer

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