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Family & Loved Ones

Often friends and family have no idea what to do when they discover their loved one who has joined Avatar is actually in a destructive cult.  Here are some tips and guidance on how to deal with it by not pushing the person into the group further, but whilst also maintaining your own peace of mind.



  • Continue to act naturally.  Learn before you act.  Think before you speak.  Adopt a “curious, yet concerned” attitude with the person you suspect is in trouble.  Don’t get hysterical in front of the individual.  Don’t attack or confront.  Don’t ask them if they are in a cult, or use the word “cult” at all. As hard as this is, this part is very important!
  • Position yourself as a possible “recruit” and try to elicit as much information as possible.  Ask questions in a friendly manner and insist on getting specific answers.   Don’t settle for global generalizations or evasions!!  We strongly recommend not going along to group meetings, or workshops, courses.   Some people have become victims to a cult whilst trying to free a loved one due to the amount of manipulation, coercive persuasion and mind altering techniques used.
  • Educate yourself as much as possible on Avatar, how they operate, their tactics, etc.  Try to gain an insight into the way your loved one may be thinking and internalising.  Learn as much as possible on undue influence, mind control and thought reform. (please visit: recommended reading)
  • If a group is legitimate, it will stand up to scrutiny!  Members will be forthcoming with verifiable information!  They will not pressure people to make commitments before there is complete disclosure, lie, or use phobias to enslave new members.[Source:] . They allow criticism and provide direct answers to questions.


The most important thing you can do is to try to get your loved one to use their critical mind again and to question, but without attacking them.  They will be told to watch out for negativity (otherwise known as resistance in Avatar) from their family, friends, partners, etc – so you do not want to feed into this or it will just prove the group to be true.  You will be made to look like the enemy and that you are preventing their awakening because you are the one asleep.



If you are concerned, and need further support, you can email me directly:

Please outline your situation clearly.  Please include:

  • What stage of the process they are at within Avatar?  (newly recruited, Avatar Master, been part of the group for x years)
  • Their relationship with you and other loved ones.
  • Any changes in personality, relationships, commitments, careers / studies, finances, etc?
  • Any other concerns you have.

Once I have this information, we can discuss further and I can then refer you to the right professional support.

NB:  I am not an expert but I work with those who are and those who have had experiences with Avatar.  Our initial discussion will allow me to make sure you are directed to the right place(s) for the support you need for your circumstance.

If your loved one is far into Avatar and the Stars Edge Network, and you feel they are at risk, then you could consider an intervention.

If this is the case we strongly suggest Intervention101.  Again, we consult with them and make referrals as they come in.  They have a good understanding of Avatar.

They provide a Free Initial Evaluation – thirty-minute telephone consultation – preferably, after reviewing your Background Information for Case Evaluation.

The initial consultation gives you an opportunity to ask specific questions about their approach.

Their approach is based upon a philosophy designed to help families and friends understand and effectively respond to the complexity of a loved one’s cult involvement.

If you need additional support as a family, such as coping techniques, therapy, or to be part of a local group which supports families, please visit our organisations page.  Again, if you are not sure who to reach out to for your specific situation, simply contact me.

All the best