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Letter to My Dearest Daughter

(Open Letter from a Mother to her Daughter: Anonymous)

My Dearest Daughter,

Writing to you here at Avatar Uncovered, because for now, it is the only way I might tell you what is on my Mother’s Heart without being judged as “controlling” or “not getting it.”

You say Avatar is not a religion yet you and your family in it certainly act like people in a fundamentalist religion:  Not only does your “faith” have the answer to saving the world, being successful, happy, and free of sickness; but any negative comments about your faith are misguided and dismissed.  The leaders are never questioned, and there is a feeling of superiority in “Your Choice” and your position in the hierarchy. 

I feel like the person watching the proverbial frog in the pot of slowly heating water; the frog unaware of what hot water she has gotten himself into. Especially because the “frogs” around you are staying in the water, too. Ever talk to any who jump out?  Ever wonder what happened to them?

What ever happened to that girl who used to question everything?  What happened to your openness to exploring other points of view?  What happened to having time to play with us, and do things with us?  Yes, you have a life of your own now, but many of our friends grown children have families, kids, jobs, and still much more time and inclination to connect and visit.  We must admit there was a precipitous drop in visits once you found out we were not interested in Avatar.

This distance would be more understandable if we had never gotten along, but we were a close family who had fun doing things together.  Now you seem to forget the good times and remember only times we didn’t properly appreciate something, or made the mistake of asking questions about the questionable motives of Avatar and your choices.

We used to share so openly with each other.  Differences of opinion discussed—not in the spirit of “winning” an argument—but in the spirit of learning together different ways, maybe even new or better ways, of acting or being in the world.  Now there is a feeling of secrecy about you.  We only learn information about your life in piece meal fashion.  We aren’t stupid!  We feel your lack of trust in us:  Like you are saying, “Don’t let them know too much, or they will bring you down from your Divinely inspired mission.”

Don’t you remember:  The Truth can always withstand questioning?  Remember Great Truths bring reunion, calm, completion; not a false calm or completion because you have let yourself be enslaved by people preaching One Way: their way.  Please remember you have been mesmerized by people who wanted servants for their missions; their paths.  God doesn’t want servants.  God wants us to awaken to the Wisdom of God in us.  To connect us to others, no matter if different, and see True Compassion is more than lip service to understanding similarities, with no empathy for the huge inequities that are often present.  Please don’t stay with any group or person who doesn’t keep promises.  Look beyond blame that it is “all your fault” or “all others fault.”

 I pray you will see the Truth someday.  You will feel appropriate pain and quilt for how you have treated us and others; and probably lied to support the lies of Avatar.  Just remember, guilt and remorse are opportunities, not only to forgive and make amends, but to learn to see and do differently, and think anew. 

Please ask God to help you see the Truth.  Pray help come in the guise of teacher, friend, book, movie, happening, accidental meeting, or even animal; and help guide you back to your True path; not someone else’s.  I pray this every day. 

I miss your humor; our lively discussions, disagreements, and laughter.  I just miss YOU!

I love you,