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Critical Reviews

There have been hundreds of critical reviews posted on the Internet regarding the Avatar course over the years.  Here are some which have been received recently by Avatar Uncovered and some taken from a variety of other critical platforms.


The Avatar Course Critical Reviews


Aghast! (Anonymous)

I was a loyal, passionate avatarian for years and years. I actually hated this website the first time I saw it. I only read on out of intrigue as to what I assumed was poor evidence backing any claims.

There are three main things that made me break free of what I now see as my Avatar shackles.

The first is learning what a conman Harry Palmer was before avatar. Read the testimonials from people who use to do Scientology with him. Read the Affidavits and official letters. Read the newspaper exerts. Watch Amanda’s video with Margie.

Margies interview details a close personal relationships with Harry Palmer and Avra Honey Smith. The detail and consistency described by many on how Harry and Avra ripped off so many people during their Elmira Scientology days is alarming. It’s not just one or two people who are speaking out.

Margie also provided specific links where Harry has stolen secret Scientology levels and used them in his courses.

Then I educated myself on the step by step break down of cults from experts. M Singers video break down of cults was brilliant. I learnt that Avatar ticks just about every box. Watching that video is like being in the Truman show and watching the directors cut. I was gob smacked. Avatar follows the cult formula to a tee.

I have also watched Leah Remini’s interviews and parts of her documentaries relating to Scientology.. the similarities between Scientology tactics and Avatar tactics is frightening. I use to be furious when people would call Avatar ‘Scientology lite’, not anymore.

Most avatarians will not dare dig deeper. Some QMs, AI’s etc wouldn’t even be allowed to read anything on this website (it would be a transgression to read it). In fact at those levels of ‘responsibility’ it’s a transgression to have an intention to learn anything other than how to spread avatar.

I am starting to work my way through the significant suppression and pain Avatar caused me, my partner and my family.

I do not want to overwhelm anyone with information and I myself have had to take it one step at a time realising everything. My body has been shut down for some time processing all this. If you are a loyal avatarian, and this triggers your interest to learn the truth.. my advice would be to take it step by step look after your self.

It’s weird that I didn’t previously realise how abusive the practices of avatar are as I lost everything from it. I was utterly shattered coming out of it, so were members of my family. People losing everything to Avatar isn’t an uncommon tale.

The hardest thing for me now is to wrap my head around the spiritual abuse of avatar. The courses are fantastic, they obviously work (or no one would bother) and are well put together in my opinion. The best of Scientology, Buddhism, and western psychology to name a few influences (or at least practices in which the materials have been stolen)

You learn beautiful spiritual ideals like; being responsible, not being a victim, compassion, you create it all, service to others, how you ‘project’ your stuff onto others, integrity and confession to name a few.. You can feel you have done genuine integrity work.. and ofcourse you have. For me the courses were pure and beautiful and freeing. That’s the hook.

I now have learnt certain meditative practises turn off your critical thinking (a very common practice of cults).. and bit by bit, a new doctrine unfolds.. introduced around hypnotic techniques.

I realise now that the doctrine and uniqueness of ones avatar experience, depends on how much ‘responsibility’ aka abusive control they are ‘willing’ to take on from Avra’s water tight grasp at the top of the pyramid.. you are taught group thinking and obedience is the way spiritual advancement.

Course after course, you pay up thousands. Many do this until all assets are gone. You are on your best behaviour on course. Part of your ‘responsibility’ is that you use the avatar tools to mask up the chaos you are facing behind the scenes.

You are taught you created this chaos though. The positions you find yourself in are all your fault, and the greatest sin or spiritual failure of all in Avatar is to be a victim to your circumstance. You can see how those spiritual ideas are now used to manipulate you and put you between a rock and a hard place.

Going bankrupt, relationship and family breakdown, mental illness, losing regular income due to constant courses are all your creation and responsibility. Never the fault of Avatar.

Your identity (previous personality) is also stripped down repeatedly using the avatar rundowns. You are built up (in my case almost robotically) to support the group. It’s powerful stuff. Frightening.

All of those beautiful spiritual concepts are then used to manipulate you to further Harry’s agenda.

Harry would be sitting on many millions, while many of his most loyal followers are exploited and are barely scraping by financially, mentally, emotionally etc. If you question the financial pressure for example, you are told you have transgressions against money and you work through them until you internalise and believe you are ‘out of integrity’ for any questions you naturally have.

People up higher in avatar are completely controlled by Avra. The hold Avra has on them, ensures they believe any ‘transgression’ they have against Avatar will affect their spiritual advancement or ‘karma’. They are then (sometimes publicly) shamed for their mistrust. (This is also common practice as explained by cult experts) Loyal Avatarians will then need to ‘handle’ their transgression against Avatar (in Scientology this is called reprogramming). The more questions you have, the more you need to use the tools to get over those questions – to stop thinking basically. You are taught from early on that thinking is a lower mode of consciousness, you’ve got to ‘feel’ your way to a decision.

Seems like extreme control? People high up in the network work well over 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. They seem to only have breaks on the airplanes to course. From my experience, these masters are really well intentioned, capable people who genuinely want to make a difference in the world.

The brain washing and pressure particularly at this level is extreme, they won’t realise how wrecked they are in every way until they stop. But they are way too scared to stop because they are taught they will do themselves in spiritually and other wise if they do. They will do themselves in alright, mainly because if they’re anything like me, they will experience PTSD when they stop.

All the while Harry claims there is no ‘indoctrination’ in Avatar.

I would like to see Harry and Avra speak out themselves if they have nothing to hide, especially to the media. Don’t allow people to speak for you, cowards!

Seeing as Harry and Avra have my ‘transgressions’ on file (part of their controlling tactics, also used in Scientology) I won’t be attaching my name to this. I’ve spent enough of my time ruined from this shit, my family and I will not live feeling in fear anymore.

Amanda you are incredibly brave. I’m praying for all the people who are still involved. It will be interesting to see the stories that unfold as people realise speaking out against avatar won’t ruin them spiritually, as they are indoctrinated to believe.


Many Years Later (Anonymous)

Glad to see that someone has started a site like this. I was in Avatar for 10 years and attended 6 wizards courses.  It would be interesting to talk to other Avatar Masters that broke away from it. Even though I have not done a course in years, I can still feel the effects that those hours of processes had on my mind.  The deep indoctrination of the unforgivable sin of profaning Avatar makes it hard to even send this.

Harry would give a talk at wizards and say that  if you profane avatar it wont work. It was very interesting sending you that e-mail, there was a part of me thinking I was cursing myself.  I had nightmares that night.  I think the course can do the opposite of its stated purpose of self empowerment. It gets you to associate your happiness and enlightenment with it and Harry. Harry owns the words I am happy to be me. You say those words thousands of times on course.

I would often get labeled as someone that had secrets and hidden agendas, at the end of the master courses. Secrets are Harry’s way of explaining anyone who is introverted. This blanket cause of all relationship problems is one of the dangers of Avatar. The thing that made me appear that I had secrets and hidden agendas was a life long battle with a panic disorder. I never said I had a panic disorder on the course because I know they would say do you want to “handle” that. You see the irony there.   People with anxiety disorders do not want to call attention to them.

 The really deep hypnotic exercises are near the end of each section.  So when a person is still in an altered state they can sell them on the next course, like giving a hypnotic suggestion.To show the power of  Avatar hypnosis, my friend who only took the basic Avatar course was very deeply negatively affected by it. He still struggles with it to this day. Every time we meet he is still trying to process through it.

I recently picked up the original brain storming book which I think was written in the 1960s.  I remember on the course being told that Harry’s Thoughtstorming manual was his invention. When I read the brainstorming book I realized there was no difference. He basically just copied brainstorming and called it Thoughtstorming.  I doubt there is very little if anything original in Avatar.  Like you said most of it comes from Scientology, Buddhism and western psychology.  I know a walk for atonement comes directly from Buddhism.


🌺  Review from the Spokesperson and Founder of Avatar Uncovered (Amanda Reed)

Throughout my 14 months with Avatar and within the Stars Edge Network, my life rapidly went downhill. I lost all confidence in myself. I was being psychologically and emotionally played with. I subtly had begun to hand over my psyche and decision making to a Trainer. I almost went bankrupt, went onto Government benefits, lost many friends, the respect of my family, ate with the homeless one evening, was an emotional reck – and towards the end of my involvement – I was suicidal. Before my involvement with Avatar I had had a fully functional business and no mental or psychological issues. I had never ever contemplated suicide before.

My initial Avatar Course was dramatic and I had to dive into areas of my childhood sexual abuse which I had never visited before which left me open, emotional and raw. It was never brought to my attention at the start of this course that this type of activity may happen.  I believe this made me more susceptible for future cult indoctrination and the rapid adoption of the mission to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilisation.

Although I had some wins on my first Avatar Course, the consequences of my involvement with Avatar far outweighed these. Why then did I stay? I had bought into the vision to create an Enlightened and Compassion planet. All I had ever wanted to do was to help others, and by the end of my Avatar Course, I felt this was the answer. I also loved being part of a close nit group who all shared the same vision.

I had also throughout my 14 months accumulated debt of approx. $38,000 which was spent on courses, internships, flights and hotel accommodation, which included unethical loaning from Avatar Masters, credit cards, bank loans and overdrafts. Some of this I take responsibility for. However, my sign up to the Avatar Course was immoral, coercive and guilt ridden. I hated every moment of it and I stressed many times I did not want to go to the next course in New Zealand.  The guilt and push by the QM was so bad that I still attended with no money and being completely stressed out.  Fortunately a credit card arrived by day 5 or I would have been left in another country with no money and no means to get home again.  I was deeply vulnerable!  The continuation of me doing advanced courses in the first few months would not have happened without the loaning of Avatar Masters who were being used by Stars Edge to keep people going “on the Path”.  These offers always magically appeared at an end of a course if you were unable to find bank loans or credit cards.

Also throughout my 14 months I witnessed other masters being subjected to some disturbing mind games, the technique known as “gas lightening” (psychological abuse), shunning and shaming of Masters, the control of a Master’s reality, people divorcing as a consequence of Avatar, Masters struggling financially and emotionally, Masters missing hospital appointments and important family gatherings, unethical loaning of money from Masters to students approved by Stars Edge (even if unemployed), undue influence and coercive persuasion in signing up for courses (which I partook in), Masters being blamed for the heart attacks of their students, peer pressure, relationship control and the narcissistic abusive behaviour of QMs and trainers (at what I believe to be practices, pressure and demands of Avra Honey-Smith)

When I finally managed to leave, which was dramatic for me, I cried day and night for 6 months. It has taken me 2.5 years to get my autonomy and my life back again. I do not want one person to go through what I went through and I am deeply concerned for the mental, emotional and financial state of those I love and care about who are still within the inner workings of Avatar.

The further up you go within this cult throughout the higher levels and the Advanced Intern Program – the more “abusive and exploitive” it gets!  Some of what is currently happening is mind blowing!

This deep concern and the need for the truth drove me and this is how Avatar Uncovered was born. I wanted to dig even further into what is going on in the higher levels of this organisation and to warn potential students, provide support for ex-members and their family/loved ones, hopefully reach those who are stuck in the inner layers and bring justice to those who have been betrayed, hurt and violated.

Now with overriding evidence and witnesses, we say with absolute confidence that Avatar and the Stars Edge network is a destructive cult and dangerous mentally, emotionally and financial.

Please do your research! Look after your psyche, your heart and your life!

To discover the truth and the true intentions of Avatar and its leaders, you need to look behind the initial love bombing, the façade and the curtain of “compassion” – where you will discover a rehash of Scientology and an organisation which is both abusive, extremely exploitative and has dire long-term consequences for many”.


A brief experience (Anonymous)

“I just wanted to share my brief experience with Avatar. I attended the resurfacing course in December. My boyfriend did the course a couple of years ago and often talked about the benefits of it and how it really helped him move through a lot of stuff he was trapped in. I had my suspicions, I didn’t like that everything was “your creation”. My boyfriend emphasised with the people on course and felt that he understood that their mission was good but could be harmful for the more vulnerable.
I went along as I wanted to feel some of these benefits. I committed myself into fully embracing the course, if only to get my money’s worth.

About halfway through the course, I started to feel some good feelings, some clarity, small highs and some lows. It was during one instance of a “low” that I expressed to the main guy there, who had come over to do work with me, that I was scared of leaving the place. I felt opened up and vulnerable, and felt real warmth for the people in the room and the work we were doing, so much so that at that moment, I was genuinely anxious about leaving that evening and being alone. I said all this through tears, I mentioned I was worried about my mental health upon leaving and I felt very fragile!

Anyway, these feelings passed and at the end of the weekend I was feeling calm and keen to say my cheery goodbyes to all the nice people there who have dedicated their lives to helping people be better….
The main guy came over and the barrage began. I’m sure you know what this is, coercion, suggestion of debt, borrowing money, if you really wanted it you could etc etc etc.

This is the bit that really hurt and confused me. I had specifically told him how I felt about leaving that place, that I was worried about my mindset and being alone. I told him I couldn’t afford it by any means and I wasn’t prepared to put myself into debt but this did not matter, my emotional stability did not matter to them!! Throughout the whole course I was asking, does this sound right? Am I saying the right thing? And they would always respond with, This is your course, it is whatever you want it to be… this was a very passive and uncontrolling attitude and was repeated continuously.

Skip to the end and that whole mantra was completely reversed! Now, MY decision to not carry onto the full course was wrong, wasn’t right and I needed to do what they said. I had to force myself to stand up and walk out of that room and leave him sat there in the chair. He would have carried on until the small hours I think.

Afterwards I was on a high, the best high. No drug can compare to that feeling! Then a day or two later I crashed and I was depressed, confused, angry, scared… I felt so betrayed by those people who I had trusted with my mind for them to use me like that towards the end.

I tried on their idea that it was all my creation and maybe I could learn something from that.. and I’m sure I could if I dug and dug .. but I just know that what happened there was a breach of a moral code… it was morally unjust and no amount of soul searching can excuse that behaviour.

I still feel hurt, I trusted those people and they turned into some strange, cold, money mad androids towards the end! Even as I write this a thought flickers “am I being unfair” “is this my shit”? The line between their mission and morality is so faint even I am questioning my own moral code sometimes.

Luckily my boyfriend and I have each other and we are on the same page when it comes to Avatar and so he supported me amazingly well after I came back from resurfacing. Otherwise I would have been very lonely, frightened and confused.”


My journey as the Mother of an Avatar (Anonymous)

I’m not really sure of where to begin or how this even happened.  Let me first of all say that our son has left Avatar after thirteen years in this cult.  As his mother, I feared in the beginning that it was, indeed a cult. Because of this, I did all of the courses in support of him, as his time with his friends and family was becoming more and more limited.  I think I was his only student.  To be totally honest, I love him and just wanted to be with him during the courses. We got to room together and we had fun.  I had no idea what was going on “behind the scenes”!

Let me back up a bit.  He was 23 years old when his “friend” recruited him.  He had had his share of the pot scene and we knew that.  After he went to course after course, we saw a definite difference in him for the better.  He quit dressing like a free spirited hippy and seem grounded in something he had a passion for.  Then…we found out!  He had sold everything he had in the beginning and we couldn’t figure out how he was covering all his expenses of airfare, hotel, cost of courses, etc.  After about a year, we realized he had stolen the money from an account he had access to for “emergencies only”.  That money was almost gone!!! It was then that I started my journey to go to courses and prove to him that this was a scam.  STILL…I thought this was still a good fit for our son!  He was the light in the middle of every course room I encountered with his infectious, boistrous laugh and made everyone he encountered feel special.  There was nothing fake or construed about him. He was genuine!  So….we gave up trying to get him out.  I would tell my husband and friends…”if it is a cult, it is a good cult. He seems to be happy.  That is all a parent wants for their child….for them to be happy.

About four years in with Avatar, his financial situation changed drastically.  Without going in to detail, let’s just say he had access to a large sum of money.  He had, by this time, started lying to us.  We asked him many times if he was giving money to Avatar.  He, at one point, had told us that he had but he was having trouble going to courses named “INTEGRITY” and still lying to us! He insisted he was not going to do it any more. We believed him. They told him to call us and say he would not give money to Star’s Edge ever again.  The next week, he was told to “cough it up” for another “transgression”! There was never any explanation as to why they changed their mind about giving them money.  The trainer just insisted he needed to find a way to “cough it up” since this particular transgression was so large.

Fast forward thirteen years “in” for him.  He tells us of all the ” behind the scenes” things going on and we were shocked!!! It took him 13 years for him to realize what had happened to him.  No…it was not HIS creation!!! It was their creation. They took a pothead, young boy and turned him in to a cash cow to further their wealth! At that point in time, he had given to Star’s Edge an “obscene” amount of money.  We have the spread sheet to prove that!  He also gave them ALL of the miles and points he had accrued after 13 years of flying for them.  I use the term “gave them” loosely. He was giving them these large sums of money for “transgressions” he had committed.

There is no “transgression” big enough for us to stop loving him!  He has been made to feel like he is a bad person after 13 years of hearing this.  He is NOT!  He is the most incredibly compassionate person I know ….. compassionate BEFORE Avatar.  They were lucky to have this awesome human being amongst them for this time, but we are lucky to have him back to the real world…fully awakened! They have not broken him.  He still has that infectious, boistrous laugh and is the light in any room he goes in to.

After six months, with a wonderful therapist who specializes in cult recovery, he can see the light at the end of this tunnel.  It has not been easy for him and it certainly has affected our entire family.  They could have ruined our lives, but we are committed fully to this wonderful guy.  We are thrilled to have him back in our lives.  We look forward to the time when he isn’t constantly looking over his shoulder!

I hope this will help the Mother who is questioning her child that has shown a new interest in the Avatar path.  Run!  Run as fast as you can before your child endures the pain they are capable of extending!

It has been since May 2017 that my son left Avatar.  We have banded together as a family and are in the process of exploring our next step. We know we have options.


Lives are Still a Mess (Anonymous)

” I have taken ALL the courses 5 times and I have attempted to Intern as an Avatar Master to teach the course also many times.

I am not licensed fully to teach the course, this has been over a DECADE, 10 years.

I have known others who have never missed a Wizards Course. Their lives are not improved and they have become alienated from their families. Their lives are still a MESS!

The amount of expense and the debt incurred causes great distress within the family system. My family felt I was no longer able to think clearly. I have spent at least $70,000 on courses with Avatar, and the time and expense involved.

I have lost my Husband, my home, and almost my children. Thankfully I finally didn’t have the funds any longer to keep going. It didn’t make my life better, and people I have known for years in Avatar never call or act like they care unless I want to tell others about AVATAR! It is no different than Scientology, and the cult methods of pouring out that feeling of LOVE and approval are what keep people coming back!
It is all about the MONEY, just like SCIENTOLOGY where Harry got the original information! ”
[Ex-Avatar Master, name known by site publishers: ]


Pressure on Leaving (Lu)

Thank you for your brilliant website and exposure to the brainwashing tactics of Avatar.  I wish it was around sooner but now you are here. I wish you success in helping others get out of the bondage of Avatar.

Here is my experience with them and what happened when I wanted to leave.

My name is Lu and I live in UK.   I went along for coffee with an Avatar Master who happened to be someone I knew and found to my surprise that after what I thought was a genuine coffee invitation, my friend produced a laptop and Avatar introduction teachings then invited me to do a mini taster session which proved very beneficial at the time of unwanted thoughts I was getting.

To cut a long story short I went on a course just to sample a weekend of Resurfacing.  As I was not earning much I did not want to commit to any more so went with the intention to do just the 2 days.

As you know, you are about to end your session when the Master gets in touch with the next level persuading tactic.   She was from Holland.   She asked me a few questions and wanted to know some of my answers I had written and then said that I qualify to enter the next stage of Avatar… I was made to feel as if I was in a great privileged position of being ‘enlightened enough’ to have made it and suitable to be a candidate

I said I could not afford to go to Holland at such short notice (in 2 weeks time) and that I had a young teenage daughter. I did not want to leave on her own.   That is when they began to imply that I could create my own reality about that and I would find the money and the grilled me about family or friends that could look after my daughter whilst I was away.

Somehow I was convinced Avatar was an essential course I needed to go on to help enlighten myself to be of service for the bigger picture – this was the type of feeling I was left with.  This I have found is a typical feeling you get with any new age course…you need to do more to be enlightened (a journey of 26 years and still was not feeling great, worse in fact and still chasing the ultimate course of enlightenment) so off I went to Holland

The type of money i have spent over the years amounts to thousands whilst course chasing and here I am again in Holland spending out for hotels and travel when I need house repairs and have not had a proper holiday with my daughter for years.

Then just as you think I will stop at this point, I can’t afford the next level which is Orlando and the fast track course again hotel and travel ,I get a ‘meeting’ to say I am a good creator as I managed to do Holland.  Was there anyone that could lend me the money to go to USA and made me think real hard about if there is anyone in my life that would lend me the money of £900 plus hotel and travel.  In the end I phoned my dad (to this day he is still upset he lent me the money as he knew I was being lead).  I am also sorry that I could not say no to the person but found I was rallied into thinking I was not good enough if I could not muster up the money.

Looking back I see how I was railroaded into going as they work in numbers to encourage you without an option to say no.  So I went to USA by having a part loan on the hotel and they managed to get me free air miles.   The compliments are there when you go along with the trick and the guilt is piled on when you can’t get time or the money.

Again after finishing one course in USA they are making sure you get the guilt trip to go on the next level up, congratulating the ones who earlier said they weren’t going and then next time you see them after they had a chat with the leaders they say yes and it is all congratulations and then when it is your turn you get easily persuaded because they play on your weakness.   So I went on the next one and this time had to borrow £5,000 as by this time all my bank money’s gone and the persuasion is that I can now teach so my students I will recruit will be paying for my next trips and hotels and I will have my debts paid off in that way.

This last time I was in USA I was adamant I would not go to Wizards in new year …but they had other ideas.   I found no matter what you felt you wanted to do you ended up doing what they wanted you to do.   In 6 months  I had gone to Holland once and the USA two times including hotels, food and travel and I was hardly earning at home…they made it so easy to borrow.  Once you do it the first time  the door to lusting after the next level starts to take a hold as they make it so easy.

But luckily in November I found Jesus and became a born again Christian and the feeling was amazing, the best ever, true genuine feelings of love and safety swept over me as I gave my life to the Lord in faith of what He did for us on the cross – He died taking ALL our sins (past present and future) onto himself and through his death all our sins were wiped away meaning that if we believe He died on the cross for us He takes us up to heaven no messing once we have repented, turned away from things that are sinful…so we basically start life afresh with the guarantee of going to heaven that God promises in the bible

So even though I said back in USA I was not going to enrol on the next level, they started ringing me up at home.  First it was my friend, then it was my friend and another Master then a 3rd higher ranking leader joined up on the call 3 onto 1.  I was in town at the time one time they tried to persuade me.   I was shopping with my mum who was partially sighted and when I said I was with her they still carried on trying to persuade me whilst I was trying to do the shopping, implying their call to try to get me to go was more important than helping my mother.

Then another time at home I had one call ,then they handed me over to another caller but by now I was a Christian, so felt stronger to say no, as I told them I don’t need Avatar as I have now found God and Jesus so don’t need them as I have found the highest of authorities….Well I was shocked to hear the argument that they ignored what I had said implying that they were great creators and I could be as I with them I could create MY OWN reality anyway.

I said hold on a minute… God created reality and everything in it not us, he created us!   This is where is dawned on me these people were used in two’s to break down the will of a person at ALL costs.   If they could blaspheme God and think they were as high…Just what Lucifer did when he got kicked out of heaven by trying the same trick, thinking he was higher than God…it is very dangerous thinking!   They phoned me 3 times a week for over 20-30 mins at a time with two or more people trying to tell me that I was letting the side down implying I was in the wrong…thank God for Jesus who saved me again from predators.

The bible talks of false prophets and to be aware of wolves in sheeps clothing, a prime example.

I am now, a year later, still happy in Jesus…who is doesn’t cost anything and had freed me up from the brainwashing tactics I was put through as I notice a huge difference in my life. Every Christian course I have been on since is free AND you get a choice to go or don’t go, God still loves you.  I was very fortunate to have found Jesus in the nick of time.

I needed Him to help me get away from them.

Many blessing to you


I have several family members who’ve become brainwashed and sucked in to what I can only describe as a sick and twisted money making scam.

The dramatic and heartbreaking transformation of these 2 family members stuns me every time I see them.

They’ve become ‘weird’, isolated and gaga to the point of stupid…extended un unnatural eye contact during conversation, the ‘things are beautiful’ response to questions, and the unsustainable diet change which has caused them both to lose a horrific amount of weight.

Harry Palmer – the mastermind who thought this up is cashing in on the souls and livelihoods of those who choose to believe his brainwashing scam. This guy needs to be stopped and thrown in prison for crimes against humanity.

Stay away from it.



Alice P 

Avatar led to the end of my 26 year marriage to a truly wonderful man. I see it now since I underwent cult exit counselling. Avatar is a VERY DESTRUCTIVE cult that has harmed many. Please put the fraud psychologist into prison where he belongs.



Margie Rodgers

“I don’t talk about it a lot. Hardly ever actually because the story is long and difficult. I spent a dozen years in the cult of Scientology in my 20’s and early 30’s. (Leah Remini’s show exposing it has been amazing but brings up a ton of pain.) Anyway, I was further fooled by our local Scientology owners when they came up with Avatar and left town with all the students money. It’s been years since I left but he continues to behave in the same underhanded, slimey sociopathic ways, and people have been hurt. These students are now speaking out. It does my heart good. If I can stop just ONE person from falling for this (and giving Harry Palmer thousands of dollars), then my work will be done”. 

[Ex-Scientology/Avatar | 3rd in command to Harry and Avra for a period of time in her involvement]


Gale Lyons

Thank you Avatar Uncovered. I’ve been wondering how to come out of the Scientology/Avatar closet. You have made it so much easier. My story is that I joined Scientology in 1975 when Harry Palmer opened the Mission on Main Street in Elmira. In 1987 when he confessed that he had been working on his own “religion” I tried my best to get him to give everyone’s money back. He had stolen the Scientology confidential materials and was selling them illegally with no intention of ever delivering them. He was using them to scam money out of good decent people on a spiritual path. I spent the next 13-14 years on the world wide web exposing Harry Palmer for what he was; a con man of stellar proportions. The story is long and complicated.

Although, I helped many worldwide through the deprogramming process and kept many from joining the Avatar cult I could never stop him. We even got him barred from Germany and France. I made some great friends over the years. I am gladly joining this movement and in the process of scanning and contributing many legal documents to the cause. Thank you Avatar Uncovered for your bravery in taking up this cause. Harry Palmer threatened to sue and imprison me many times. Please don’t fall for his threats he has to many crimes to be exposed.



(Taken from an email interview – 1st December 2017)

I do not have any fears about Avatar, or speaking openly about them.

Yes, I can describe what they do is misrepresentation; fraudulent; etc.

Yes, I can describe what they do that is illegal (eg. perform psychological processes without a licence).

Yes, I can describe the actual harm.  One person in my smaller group committed suicide.  My mentor (or whatever they call them), was admitted to hospital; taken off their program for six months; in order for her to recover from the thought bubble she was in.  I visited Auckland a few months after the course, and tried to catch up with the people in my small group, that is when I found out about what happened to them.  And yes, many did not want to take action.  Even the daughter of the lady who killed herself did not want to take action, the fear had been drilled into them so deep that it affected the children of the Avatar groupie.  I would say, half the problem is the “new age” mindset, that the person creates their own reality, the other half being the Avatar doctrine.  The daughter was a new ager but not an Avatar groupie.

Forget the harm (I mean just for the moment, in order to understand my point).  The course was marketed as education and self-improvement, and I was paying for that.  The course turned out to be:

  1. psychological exercises directed by people who did not have a licence.
  2. a copy of Scientology (with a few labels changed)

Therefore I confronted them on those two bases, as a violation of the Australian Trade Practices Act 1973 (as amended).  Sure, they tried to get me to accept total responsibility for my “creation” and that if only I bought more courses, I would obtain “enlightenment”.

I also told them that I did not need to spend $20,000 with them to find out that my negatives were caused by alien worms, I could find that out on the internet for free.

I reported them to the NZ Association of Psychologists (not sure of the proper name of the accreditation body).  They took the complaint, and called me back, and said that they knew about Avatar, and wanted to shut them down.  Unfortunately I was back in Oz by that time, and could not help them further.  So I know they took action, but I don’t know the degree to which they succeeded.

So yes, of course, I would never have signed up for what they do, which is seriously harmful.  I signed up for education and self-improvement, not mind-altering by unqualified creeps.

Once I figured out they were freaks, I searched the internet for info, and got well and truly confirmed.  I downloaded the cult stuff from the internet and made 50 copies, and next morning, stood at the door, stating “either refund the money, or I will hand this out to every person who walks through that door”.

The argument did not take long, I asked them to produce their Psychologist Licences (for every Master in the room) or I would call the police (I had already spoken to the police and lined them up).  But the killer point was the TPA, because that was easy to prove.  The psychology point would have required a long written report.

When I confronted them and demanded a complete refund, and the legal basis for my demand, they folded, they complied, and refunded all my money.  In 24 hours, because the mentor who gets the commission for the enrolment had to get cash from the bank.  Avatar paid their share (full fees that I paid minus the commission) within a couple of hours.  I did the initial weekend course in Sydney, and then the one-week course in Auckland.  I checked out on the Wednesday, and got everything refunded by Thursday.

I never did see the inner workings.  The thought-bubble process (Feel-it) and the notion that everything starts and ends with me, was abusive enough for me.  When the processing in the room got really intense, one of the masters whispered to me (trying to help me “break through”) that this was the reason women were not attracted to me.  That was not a problem that I suffered.  That was the moment I realised, and remember to this day, that they were fruit-loops, preying on the vulnerabilities of people.  That night, I searched the internet.

All the processes are abusive, and cause the victim to detach from reality.  If they were vulnerable before the course, that (a) ipso facto is proof that they were detached from reality to begin with, and (b) they would become even more detached with the course.  Once a person detaches from reality, and feels righteous about it, they need to be hospitalised, or incarcerated, depending on what insane action they performed. As is the normal case for a cult, they supply the only thing that keeps the [vulnerable, detached-from-reality] person happy: validation of their very detachment.  For a fee of course.  More courses!  More money!  More detachment.



People were in very bad shape after several days on their mind blitz course. People were obviously decompensating and none of the masters seemed even remotely aware of what was happening to these people.



Darren M 

The psychologist impersonation is small potatoes compared to the damage his cult has done. Avatar if permitted to go on will someday take its place beside Heaven’s gate and Jonestown. Please read the Wizards course.




My dad has become involved in the Avatar Cult within the past few years. He has recently become extremely distant to family and friends. He actually got married last month and didn’t tell his own family until two weeks later.



John S

I have witness 2 of my own family members be sucked into Avatar. One lost $80K and the other is now in debt by $35K. The latter is now in a downward spiral working major over time trying to make repayments. This person has now alienated themselves.



Frank H

I was a Scientologist from 1978 to 1984 and I can confirm, that Avatar is a short and quick version (still expensive though) of Scientology and does no good whatsoever. It is actually harmful to people who take their courses too.




“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for writing this blog. I’ve found it to be incredibly insightful. I’ve experienced much, if not all, of what you’ve described with exceptional clarity. It’s taken me about two and a half years since pulling away from their influence. I appreciate your ability to provide a balanced account of what really happens to people without being hateful about it. I am astounded at the thoroughness of your recount and how much of it I recognize in my own experience.

I got into Avatar at the request of my mother and did exactly as you explained. I was in a highly suggestible state and they had me create a primary to go to the Master’s course. I attended at the very last minute with the help of my mother who used up some her ever increasing credit card debt to help me get there. I interned that same summer and missed my grandmother’s funeral to be there. They explained how I would be honoring her life by ushering in these new souls to enlightenment. I felt very ill on that course and had terrible bowl trouble until I got home. I felt like shit. But it was all part of my creation, right? Forever and always part of my creation.

When I finally began to get serious about moving the planet forward towards creating an EPC, I started to question how to move up in the hierarchy. My QM told me very few people made their living by being a full time Avatar Master even though we all spent hours and hours of our lives creating that primary. It wasn’t within our domain, right? So we just kept stretching our influence. I completed all the courses. My Integrity course was traumatic. I was working on a releasing fixed attention exercise that left me completely raw emotionally, but there was no comforting. It was all performed in a detached way so as to make sure I knew I was doing all of this to myself. It was all my creation still. And I bought it, hook-line and sinker. I was baptizing myself in the koolaid regularly and still did not manage to convince any of my friends to move past the introduction.

At one point I ran a Forgiveness Option mini course with a potential student, or a lead, and I was essentially chewed out by my QM after the fact for not making sure that it was okay to do so, even though all of the mini courses are available to do for free online. Later they started offering the Forgiveness Option mini course as an optional introductory course, new tech, they called it. I highly suspect my “mistake” was exploited and I was not given credit for the idea.

When I became serious about “moving up” to take on more responsibility in the network, I was shot down. My QM was hesitant, even though I had made the primary. I had learned the tech. But what I had not done was produce more students on course. The only way I could prove myself to them was by bringing more students on course.

Then I finally cornered Avra directly and said, “I think you are using Avatar to capitalize on belief systems, not catalyze belief systems.” She looked me in the face and said she didn’t belief that to be true. In that moment the illusion broke. The idea that the world is a reflection of me was directly contradicted from the horses mouth. Eventually I escaped from the entrapment. I felt myself as separate and distinct, thinking for myself I stress is just going along with whatever they said and accepting it as fact. They began to indirectly question my sanity (what I would now call gas lighting) and suggested there would be some kind of negative consequence for my non-compliant attitude. I got a ride home and I haven’t heard from my QM since then.

Maybe three or four people have contacted me over the last two and a half years since then, each one inquiring as to whether I will be returning to the course, but not much more beyond that. Without the protections and pretense of Avatar there isn’t very much connecting me to all of these people, hundreds that I met and poured my life story out to. Weddings of dear friends, the birth of my niece, funerals and birthday celebrations of dear friends and family all missed because I was convinced contributing to the creation of an EPC by creating more Avatars, Masters, and Wizards was the most important thing I could be doing with my time. I accepted that unquestioningly. I was also completely numb. I felt little pain and little joy. I felt the hollow void that was my life and just discreating until I really didn’t recognize myself anymore.

I didn’t associate much with my old friends. When I finally came home from that final course, I felt like I had come back to life, when all the time I believe me I was the one who was awake and everyone else needed to wake up. The ultimate deception. I’ve been in counseling for over a year sorting through all of the “non”-indoctrination I received from the Avatar materials and the people who delivered them. I am grateful I made it out as quickly as I did”.




Hi Abbey, The rabbit hole awaits when you start to question the integrity of the kool aid! Thanks for sharing your experiences with Avatar.

Reading your story has felt quite cathartic. Quite a few of the things you have written really resonate. I haven’t been in any Avatar courses for about 10 years now. Although I’m still getting the phone calls once a year. It’s actually an interesting way of gauging my own growth in terms of how I deal with their ‘primary’ of wanting to enrol me onto the wizards course.

As the years tick by I’m starting to feel a little compassion towards some of the QM’s. After all, unlike you, they haven’t (yet) experienced the illusion unfold. Remember you said you were grateful you made it out as quickly as you did. Imagine what it’s like for some of the QMs and Star’s Edge trainers who have dedicated decades of their lives into trying to manifest Harry’s primary of an EPC. I’m guessing they have missed out on a whole heap of precious life experiences with their loved ones?! I imagine when they look back on their lives they may feel a sense of regret when they start to realise the vacuum that has been left behind. (Although perhaps that feeling of loss and regret is counter balanced when Star’s Edge tell them that they’ve accrued lots of karmic brownie points for putting Harry’s primary before the needs of their own family and friends.)

I’ve seen QM’s and Star’s Edge Trainers come and go over the years. Once they leave the scene, I imagine they stay under the radar for a number of reasons, including:

  • needing the space and time to integrate what’s happened (we know how that feels ;o)
  • avoiding lawsuits (remember: don’t say anything which might upset Harry or Star’s Edge!)

I feel I should give a balanced view of Avatar. So with this in mind I will say I had some curious experiences and some positive break throughs. Could I have spent $15,000 more wisely? Perhaps.

Top tip: Avatar Masters really should listen to Star’s Edge and avoid entering into relationships with their Avatar Students. One of the most painful experiences I’ve had was being in a relationship with my Avatar Master, which was hands down the most challenging 12 months of my life. In a nut shell it was soul destroying, physically abusive and mentally disturbing for myself and my family. Many years on and I still feel bad about what I put my family through. And I just cringe now when, like Abbey, I believed I was the one who was awake while my friends and family were asleep. What an appalling and maddening infuriating identity I was in. So yeah… been there and got the T-shirt x



Sandra M

My daughter is considered a ‘wizard’. She has several psychological issues due to this cult. Most all of her old friends stay away from her, so does her family. No one can have a conversation with her as she flips and twists everything.




A distraught Kiwi couple say they felt “helpless” watching a close family member rack up tens of thousands of dollars of debt after being introduced to the Avatar programme.

The Auckland couple say the female relative – a student in her 20s -underwent a significant personality change after being taken to a two-day course in New Zealand by a friend.

“We never knew about her plans until it was too late and the damage was done,”.

“When she came back she was a completely different person”.

“She looked like someone who had just had a mental breakdown or was sedated. Beside some obvious changes in her behaviour, her critical thinking was non-existent. She was acting like a robot.

“When she spoke, it was like her words were coming from someone else – like a new personality had been implanted into her brain.

“We were shocked and very worried. We just didn’t know what to do.”

The student told family that by following Avatar she would contribute to the creation of a new and enlightened population.

“She couldn’t answer questions about how would she support herself on that path or paying off her debts, which totalled more than $20,000

“She told us money was not important and that we were just materialistic people.”

The couple believe their relative had been exposed to methods that changed her way of thinking.

“Whatever was not connected to Avatar and whoever was against it wasn’t worthy of her attention anymore.”

[Excerpt from NZ Herald article –]



My Avatar Journey was over before it began.

My wife went in January to the Resurfacing Level one workshop, at a time when she needed something. We have always approached our development as a team so I registered to go to a local Byron Bay event next weekend. I only ordered the resurfacing activities book because my wife had the balance of the resource pack. This did not please the local Avatar person who told me I must buy the entire pack for myself ‘because students report having a very personal relationship with their books and resources and it is a personal thing and I should not share with my wife’. In other words, Avatar makes it’s money out of the book sales and I was not playing the game according to the system. She totally snapped rapport with me and I immediately had a bad gut feel that this was a very pushy system.

My wife reported hating the way she felt pressured into moving to the next stages. no doubt they will discuss how this resistance in me to play their game is the exact reason I should do it! And yet, I did some clearing work around the resistance and knew for certain it was my emotional system warning me not to get involved.

To their credit, she did refund my $330 fee the very next day once she knew for sure I was not proceeding and remained assertive about my refund. Hope this helps some.




Good morning, I recently returned from the 2-Day ‘Resurfacing’ course in Orlando, Florida. The premise is decent, as you are drawn in by a master to overcome the problems holding you back in your life. Generally, this will take the form of focusing on one particular problem and setting the stage for your arrival to the course.

I was pleased with a bit of the material as it applied to my own well-being, but generally realized that I am in control of my own destiny and future. My choice for the future was to pick up the ‘Good Book’ and supplement my own beliefs with scripture.

Generally if something feels out of place, it is. That was my first feeling after the second day. I was wholeheartedly pressured to return as soon as possible, with masters telling me that my work commitments and time available were – for the most part, excuses I was using, or rather…limitations to coming back to the course.

There does appear to be a sinister force at play here, as – ironically – the students and masters are fully indoctrinated into a new belief. It’s quite scary, as you are forced to look inwards to realize that your life has been filled with constant error and despair throughout.

I believe that this course is, in the simplest form of the word, a prelude to addiction and blindness for those who continue down the path.



Jason B

This scam ends relationships, ex girlfriend is now into this stuff and it seems like nothing else matters but forking over money she doesnt have to these people.




I have just saved my partner from being brainwashed into the pseudo-psychological bastard child of Scientology. He went along to the free introductory course (yes, a “friend” suggested the course), and all five of the participants then signed up to attend the full weekend course (NZ$390). He then rang me on Sunday night to say he was staying late “to do some more exercises” and that he was flying to the States on Thursday to take part in another course. Um… WTF?!

When I asked how much it was, he said $3000 – he failed to mention it’s actually $3000 US, with airfares and accommodation on top of that. And when I asked how the Avatars even knew there would be flights at such notice, well, what do you know – one of the guys just happened to have their laptop there to look up and check. I immediately went online, along with my sister, and we have done some extensive research about Avatar. Which is how I ended up on your site.

I totally agree that you’d have to be pretty stupid to fall for this rubbish, which is why it seems incomprehensible that someone I’ve spent the last 4 years with would jump right into it in one session. What he and one of the other students found so strange was how the introductory course wasn’t an introduction at all, but went straight into some of the Avatar teachings and exercises without any warning or information about how the evening was going to progress.

From what I’ve now read of LGATs (large group awareness training), and from what I now know about the Avatar exercises, it sounds like there was a touch of mild hypnosis and suggestion going on. How else would they get a 100% hit rate from an introductory course? Not even Tony Robbins could probably claim that. What I mean by mild hypnosis and subliminal suggestion is the repetitiveness of the exercises and talking slowly. E.g. “Put your attention on the right wall. Now put your attention on the left wall. Now put your attention on the back wall. Now put your attention on the floor. Now put your attention on the front wall. Now look at the front wall and put your attention on the back wall.” Or something along those lines.

Now, unlike Harry, I do actually have a degree in psychology, and from my experience, the only sound thing the Avatars are teaching is rehashed cognitive behavioural therapy. Except from people who have no training in the ability to deal with possibly traumatised individuals looking for help. I finally got through to my partner on the Monday night. He said he started having doubts, especially when one of the trainers mentioned “integration” when talking about the Masters course in the States.

Another thing I had warned my partner about, and which made him sceptical on that same day – when he wanted to leave at 7pm (he’d been there since 9am), they sat him down and said they wanted him to continue till 10pm to finish his exercises. (Not sure what happened to “you can leave whenever you want”, “there’s no pressure”). The guy then warned my partner to be careful when he got home because there would be resistance from me.

So that night we went along to see the Avatar loons to say he wasn’t continuing. (I thought a phone call would suffice, but that’s just me). Their lame-arsed playground tactics included trying to stare me out, standing over me on the stairs to try and dominate me, and trying to psychoanalyse why I was concerned about my partner. I didn’t answer.

The road show is well and truly alive in NZ, and coming to a town near you. Watch out for your wallet. And watch out for their immediacy tactics: introductory course on the Tuesday, two-day course that weekend, stages 2 and 3 Monday-Wednesday, then fly to the States that Thursday, or spend your Christmas and new year (away from your family, because that’s how brainwashing works best) on a course in Australia.

[Source: November 26th 2008]


Vivian C

Avatar seemed inocuous enough until the 2nd day. I suffered from derealization and flashbacks. Even to this day I feel numb and out of it. The Enlightened Planetary Civilization is a polite name for hell. Please put Palmer where he belongs–prison.




From Victoria Australia.

Here’s my two cents worth and maybe it just might through enough doubt in a person’s or loved one’s mind to not go ahead with this lunacy.

All dollar amounts contain personal expenses in addition to course costs.

Long story short:

Me 49 years- Successful businessman over 25 years, financially astute, four children, life experience, positive, calculated risk taker, level headed, somewhat cynical. Major Assets.

Met woman – her, 44 years, unsuccessful businesswoman, 4 children, financially naive and broke, positive, risk taker, wanted to repair her life regarding finances. $40000 assets.

Unbelievably fantastic stable relationship for 2 months. Mid July, Attend ‘free’ avater night at suggestion of her friend (Avatar Wizard). During night I see pressure and sales pitch and smell rat immediately, she puts on rose colored glasses and buys book.

Cost $50 c/card.

End July, informs me attending 3 day introduction interstate and leaving tomorrow. Cost $1700 c/card.

Me fine – self improvement for her.

End of 3 days rings me and staying on for another 7 days to do next level. Cost $2500 c/card. (Scarce food in house for children and business against the wall).

I question – internet discovery, Tell her cult.

3 days later inform her of cult and urge will come and fly you home. Says maybe. 2 days later says no They told me I am in vulnerable state and must complete course.

Comes home, forgetful and absent minded and stays that way. Now $10000 assets.

Relationship fine.

One week later Avatar hype reduces and slight depression appears.

Avatar propaganda incessantly arrives.

Mid September, business failed and owing big time with huge interest costs. Attends refresher course in Geelong. “Free” I wonder why?

Relationship fine. Now no assets. Increasingly desparate.

Secretive friends now with Avatar organiser.

Avatar propaganda still incessantly arriving.

Now spruiking Avatar lifestyle.

Mid November, Now owes $5000 no assets, unemployed, me supporting her, borrowing off friends. Informs me flying to Florida in two weeks to do masters course. I explain facts of life to her (including where is money coming from, passport etc?). Will get it somehow and has obtained new $5000 credit card questionably.

Relationship damaged.

End November, borrows $4000 off last naive financial friend left, scratches together $1000 – ebay, friends. No food in house, flies Florida. Cost $10000.

Relationship ended.

Mid December, returns vague and mentally changed. Now owes $15000 no assets.

End December, is hugely depressed and confused and vague.

Start January ’09, rented house gone, no internet or mobile phone, her living with friends, children dispersed. Now owes $20000 no assets.

Mid January moves into triple mortgaged rundown house she was renting out to someone.

Mid February, still unemployed, barely a utility, children come and go. Now owes $30000, no assets.


Apparantly now, somehow manages to “refinance house” and is flying to Florida to do Wizards course. Cost $20000.

Total Avatar cost – $34250

Total relationship cost – substantial

Total family cost – substantial.

Total personal and mental cost – absolutely huge and immeasurable.





Oh, and on a positive note, I’ve moved ahead totally intact and on to a new relationship (truly wonderful) and am all the wiser for the experience in many areas, for my own and my childrens benefit.

Just my two cents worth (and not a punctuation error in sight)! Please feel free to copy this and post it anywhere – it may save someone….

Have a nice life everyone.



Jon T

I can’t believe I forked over money for masters. They had me loopey right after the course. These people use mind numbing techniques to get you to buy more courses. In no way shape or form would I buy into EPC in my right mind.



Nick A

I believe that this charismatic man is so calculated and business orientated that lacks any human compassion. i have a person near and dear to me that has changed to a person that i cannot comprehend.



Rhiannon W

This has to be stopped. Vulnerable people are drawn into this by being hassled, then left in debt and to their own devices.



Marieke Mcguire

During the Avatar course of august 2006 in Holland I got psychotic, before I had never had something like that, never had the use any psychiatric medication or anything.




Stop avatar now! Avatar is a cult hell bent on recruiting as many people as they can. I luckily got my wife out of it!



Cathy Y

I too have lost one of my best friends to this monster. I took the introductory 10 hour $400 course and got some great information, but once my friend went through the Masters courses, he changed. He now has alienated himself from his family and all friends.



Christina B

I have encountered this group several times and can say from live observational experience that the scary trances, etc that members go into seems not only possibly dangerous, but that this scam prey’s on the vulnerable.


Jeanne B

Avatar training hurts people more than it helps and I have found that Masters are simply ADDICTED to therapy. I found they blame the person for what has happened to them in their lifetime , calling it to themselves. They are definitely a CULT…buyer BEWARE.



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