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Avatar as a Cult: An Assessment

“Legitimate leaders do not lie – they tell the truth” (Steven Hassan)

In general:

  • People do not want to be lied to
  • People do not want to be manipulated
  • People do not want to be exploited

But this is exactly what happens in a destructive group – and this is exactly what happens in Avatar.

Assessing whether Avatar is a cult

Many people consider The Avatar Course as stand-alone when considering the depth of indoctrination, mind control and thought reform undertaken, or whether Avatar is a cult. However, this is not only a mis-understanding with regards to The Avatar Course and Stars Edge Network, but also the majority of other abusive groups and destructive cults.

As with all destructive cults, especially in relation to Large Group Awareness Trainings, it can all seem pretty harmless at the beginning (see the beginning workings of other cults such as ScientologyNXIVM and Landmark).

However, such groups create a “program” of cleverly structured “thought reform and mind control techniques”, along with the continuous use of “undue influence, manipulation and coercive persuasion”, which pulls the student/master further into the group each stage at a time.  This creates a gradual and subtle handover of their psyche, their decision making and their life.

This process deepens at each course… each intern… each meeting… each session – until you do not know yourself anymore.

“I felt little pain and little joy. I felt the hollow void that was my life and just discreating until I really didn’t recognize myself anymore.”

“Eventually I escaped from the entrapment. I felt myself as separate and distinct, thinking for myself I stress is just going along with whatever they said and accepting it as fact.”1

To understand further the “process” you will be led through once you are recruited onto The Avatar Course, please see our section on “The Path”.

It is important to note that destructive groups hide behind a ‘facade’ of helping others, being of service and providing an ‘experience’ which can help your life.  However, their intentions is to trick, deceive and to take over your mind – gradually leading you into an agenda and situation you would not have signed up for if you had known exactly what was entailed at the very start (otherwise known as “deceptive recruitment”).

This is how such cults recruit such intelligent people and why people join cults.  They are not joining a cult – they are joining a lie.


Is Avatar a Destructive Cult?

With regards to whether The Avatar Course/Stars Edge Network is considered a destructive cult, we have carried out a detailed assessment against a variety of well respected models and concepts using our experiences, critical reviews, internal documentation and other evidence we have received, or held onto.

Before presenting this analysis, it is important to understand exactly what is a cult, what makes them destructive and the concepts of both brain washing and mind control.

So, what is a destructive cult and is Avatar one? Go HERE<<



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