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Critical Feedback from YouTube

Here are some insightful stories and experiences left on Youtube highlighting some of the worrying consequences which arise from being part of Avatar and Stars Edge as an organisation. 



“My ex-husband is now insolvent because of Avatar. He stopped working, and has pursued Avatar nonstop. Spent his entire retirement account, is 30k in credit card debt from all his trips to Florida, owes the IRS 10k + and me more than 30k.. and is about to lose his home.. and he STILL plans on going to Florida this summer for another Avatar course! It’s like heroin for him… he’s completely addicted and it has ruined him”.




“Did the courses and grateful I am out and stopped in 2005. Brainwashing and abuse. It is modified Scientology and Mr Palmer is a hoax. And it is true about the love bomb. You get in and you are graced with so much love….but if you leave…there is NO compassion, love ends ( which is the opposite of what is taught in the course).

Palmer does not have a degree in education, many of “his” tools come from Scientology, and the push to do the courses supports their program of network marketing..actually pyramid. Many of the Avatar masters will tell potential students to put courses on credit cards, to get loans, to refinance homes etc. Avatar claims that the goal is for an enlightened planet, however if you don’t have the money, you are not welcome to take the courses. So, enlightenment is for those who can afford it.

The Avatar Integrity course is purely abusive. Students are asked to write “ love notes to Harry Palmer” at the close of each day’s session. There is no God mentioned in Avatar, no Jesus, all Harry.

Avatar is an elevated cult branch of Scientology. People who are seeking, who have gone through a trauma, or have a desire to find more are drawn to Avatar. Don’t get sucked into this. I am grateful that I only spent under 20k. Thank the Lord free from that”.



Kathy Raine

“I was there at Elmira when Harry ended it and ran off with our millions (according to his accountant there.) Harry and Avra did everything they could to amass a fortune, and then turned their backs on the people they pressured, to soak more “gullibles” in California, Florida, etc., and collect more millions. I believe the “body of knowledge” held forth by Scientology is fatally flawed along with those who used this for their own gain, like L. Ron Hubbard, and Harry and Avra Palmer. All power flows up to the top. If you complain, you’re told it is your own fault (victim shaming). We were manipulated to disconnect from our friends and family and stick to the group only. Many of us crowded together living in ramshackle housing, working 2-3 jobs to afford being able to stay in the group. As long as you kept the money flowing, you could stay (stay with your friends and also not be separated from a Scn spouse also in the group.) I was ordered to get bank loans, and yes, cash the check and give Harry the cash. I’m talking $60,000. We were told to inflate/forge our loan application information. We delayed having children – no money, no time. Worst of all, those of us who came for spiritual healing were not only delayed in this area, but also set back. Thinking about Elmira and the past, I have started having nightmares (i call them “cult-mares”) again, but I’m still SO grateful to have gotten out. Not grateful for anything that happened there; I felt crushed for a long time after”.