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Don’t Get Sucked in by “Thoughtstorm®” | The Avatar Course

Just like the loss-leader item at a big-box store, priced under cost to get you in the store, these free Avatar Course Thoughtstorm events could actually cost you a lot more than you bargained for.

This is what some of the Avatar Thoughtstorm promises:

  • Enhanced creative thinking
  • Heightened awareness
  • Stimulating out-of-the-box connection

Suppose you do attend, hey it’s free.  Maybe you will make friends in this group activity.  Suppose you’re curious, maybe a little bored or lonely, not thrilled with your job, or even your life.  Harry Palmer, Avatar, and his Thoughtstorm staff will give you validation, purpose, identity, connection, self-worth, meaning, elitism even.

Thoughtstorm” is a group activity designed to move an individual from unique thought to group thought.  Once you experience the elation of feeling connected, (along with a diminished sense of self), you are ready to be “up-sold” for more expensive classes.  You are being recruited by Harry Palmer and Avatar to be a part of them, to go out and spread “sanity” to the entire planet.  That’s what cults do.

You may or may not experience what Avatar claims are some “Thoughtstorm” benefits:

  • The ultimate truth of pure being
  • The true nature of things as they actually exist
  • The crux of intelligent thinking

But you are most definitely at risk for:

Financial extortion

Psychological abuse

Disconnection from friends and family

Mental breakdown


Being recruited into a destructive cult!


Save your sanity and your life!

Don’t get sucked into Thoughtstorm!

Don’t get sucked into the Avatar Course Cult!


To learn more about the truth of this destructive cult, explore the rest of this website.


Stay safe!