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Stop the Manipulation, Abuse, Exploitation and Deception!

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Who Are We

Avatar Uncovered is an online platform dedicated to investigating and exposing the inner workings, violations, exploitation and abuses of Avatar and Stars Edge International.

Led by Amanda Reed, and supported by ex-Scientologists, ex-Avatar Masters and our friends, family and loved ones – Avatar Uncovered aims to bring the truth to the surface and expose the injustices, abuses and violations of Avatar, the Stars Edge Network and Harry Palmer / Avra Honey-Smith.

A Scientology spin off destructive cult, Avatar continues to ruin many lives and ex-members have felt silenced and ashamed.  They have lost their voice, their rights and they have been violated.


Abuses, Violations & Injustices

Since the launch of The Avatar Course in 1986, and the implementation of both the advanced courses and the Advanced Intern Program, there have been many reports of unethical practices, violations, abuses and injustices, by both those who have taken the course(s), and those who have been part of the inner workings of the Stars Edge Network.

These include:

* Emotional, psychological, verbal, spiritual and financial abuse

* Extreme financial exploitation (obscene amounts of money handed over to Stars Edge on demands of Avra / Trainers)

* Undue influence and coercive persuasion in signing up to courses and continuing on “The Path”

* Deceptive recruitment and non disclosure of extreme beliefs and practices

* Severe debt and financial difficulties

* Illegal, immoral and abusive use of confidential information, folders and confessionals (transgressions)

* Breakdowns and hospitalisation

* Misrepresentation and non-disclosure of product

* Unlawful and illegal exemption clauses and disclaimers

* Illegal Intern structure

* No transparency of financial structure

* Secrecy (both the creation of the materials, the background of the leaders, the financial structure, operational management and the hidden inner levels)

* Anxiety, depression and other mental disorders

* Bullying in the workplace

* Manipulative and controlling practices

* Gas lighting

* Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

* Complete breakdown of relationships, family life and careers

* Relationship control

* Pregnancy and child rearing control

* Lifestyle and weight control

* Time control

* Loss of identity

* Suicidal tendencies

The majority of these extreme abuses and violations are happening within the Advanced Intern Program and towards the top of the hierarchy.




For a vast range of reviews regarding Avatar please see the following:



Investigation, Exposure and Campaigning

We have recently launched an investigation, exposure and active campaign which has to date been very successful.  However, we continue to need publicity and support in reaching:

* People who are currently being recruited into Avatar

* Recruits and potential students researching Avatar

* The family, partners and friends of potential students

* Students who are being fast tracked

* Current Avatar Masters looking to take the Wizards Course

* Avatar Masters who are looking for help in leaving

* Family, friends and loved ones of Avatar Masters

* The general public, mental health practitioners, schools, universities and the business community


We are seeking as much help and support in reaching as many of these people as possible and contribute to the end of this abusive destructive cult.





The following quotations have been taken from “real” experiences and feedback from ex-Avatar Masters:


“Not only do I feel as though Avatar took everything I had financially but they also took a part of my soul.”


“People need to look behind the curtain to see what is really going on, which is just a rehash of Scientology, including extreme financial exploitation, psychological and verbal abuse and the complete breakdown of a person’s life.”


“Note at the higher levels of the Advanced Intern Program, all personal decisions have to be reported to Avra Honey-Smith.  Every detail of a Master’s life has to be approved by Avra.”


“Avatar led to the end of my 26 year marriage to a truly wonderful man. I see it now since I underwent cult exit counselling. Avatar is a very destructive cult that has harmed many.”


“Throughout my 14 months with Avatar and within the Stars Edge Network, my life rapidly went downhill. I lost all confidence in myself. I was being psychologically and emotionally played with. I subtly had begun to hand over my psyche and decision making to a Trainer. I almost went bankrupt, went onto Government benefits, lost many friends, the respect of my family, ate with the homeless one evening, was an emotional reck – and towards the end of my involvement – I was suicidal.”


“They took a pothead, young boy and turned him in to a cash cow to further their wealth! At that point in time, he had given to Star’s Edge an “obscene” amount of money.”


“They told him to call us and say he would not give money to Star’s Edge ever again.  The next week, he was told to “cough it up” for another “transgression”! There was never any explanation as to why they changed their mind about giving them money.  The trainer just insisted he needed to find a way to “cough it up” since this particular transgression was so large”.


“As well as my own experiences of psychological abuse and mind games I also witnessed within the Network the regular use of mind games against other Masters, the technique known as “gas lightening”, shunning and shaming of Masters, the control of a Master’s reality, people divorcing, Masters struggling financially and emotionally and Masters missing important  hospital appointments and important family gatherings. 


“There was the unethical loaning of money from Masters to students approved by Stars Edge, undue influence and coercive persuasion in signing up for courses, Masters being blamed for the heart attacks of their students, peer pressure, relationship control and the narcissistic abusive behaviour of QMs and trainers (at what we believe to be practices, pressure and demands of Avra Honey-Smith).”


“Eventually I escaped from the entrapment. I felt myself as separate and distinct, thinking for myself I stress is just going along with whatever they said and accepting it as fact. They began to indirectly question my sanity (what I would now call gas lighting) and suggested there would be some kind of negative consequence for my non-compliant attitude.”





Avatar Uncovered is a very personal and eye-opening resource into the world of Avatar and the Stars Edge Network.

The information, education and support provided on the website is targeted for current and former members, concerned families, and helping professionals.

It took great personal courage and strength for Amanda to break away from Avatar and build a new life.

My go to resource on Avatar.  A great resource!

Patrick Ryan 

Cult Intervention Specialist – helping families rebuild connections.



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Available for Comment


The following people are available for immediate comment to the Press:


Amanda Reed – Spokesperson for Avatar Uncovered and Ex-Avatar Master

Mob: (+61) 403 690402



Margie Rodgers – Ex-Scientologist / Ex-Avatar



Patrick Ryan – Cult Interventionist and CultNews101



Ros Hodgkins – Cult Information and Family Support (CIFS) Australia



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