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Avatar – Scientology’s Wicked Offspring 



“Ariela Sarai, a 21-year-survivor of Avatar, discusses with Chris Shelton on Sensibly Speaking her experiences being recruited into and working for this destructive cult which has so many similarities to L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology that Avatar has been called “Scientology Lite.” I think you’ll see from Ariela’s experiences that there was nothing “lite” about the abuses she endured for years trying to “save the world” before she just recently escaped and is now exposing this cult for what it is”.

[Apologises for just posting this interview. I have taken time off sick and am just now catching up with posts, etc. Thanks for understanding, Amanda]


Revealing Interview with Kathy Raine | ex-Scientology, Harry Palmer’s Elmira Mission

In this interview, Kathy Raine discusses her time in Harry Palmer’s Elmira Scientology Mission back in the early to mid 80s.

We cover:

✔️ How Kathy got into Scientology
✔️ What it was like being part of Harry Palmer’s Elmira Scientology Mission
✔️ Harry and Avra’s business practices
✔️ The huge debt she got into ($60,000)
✔️ How her life got worse and worse throughout her involvement
✔️ How the Mission collapsed and Avatar took its place
✔️ Her process in leaving and “deprogramming” from cult life.


An Eye Opening Interview with Lucy | Ex Avatar Master

Listen to this EYE OPENING INTERVIEW with Lucy Donnellan (ex-Avatar Master) as she discusses her recruitment into Avatar, her excruciating journey, hypocrisy within the Avatar network and her intent to warn people about both the Avatar Course and their Advanced Intern program.



Interview with Margie (Part 1) – Ex-Scientology / Avatar | The Origins of the Avatar Course

For 12 years, Margie was a model Scientologist. She was a teacher, recruiter and third in command for a period of time at Harry Palmer’s Center for Creative Learning in Elmira, formerly the Elmira Mission of the Church of Scientology.

In this interview Margie discusses her story, including:

– Why she got into Scientology.

– What it was like being a staff member.

– Her relationship with Harry and Avra.

– The transition from Scientology and Avatar.

– What really happened in Elmira; and,

– Her process in “waking up” and leaving.


Interview with Margie (Part 2) – Ex-Scientology / Avatar | The Origins of the Avatar Course

In Part 2, Amanda and Margie discuss the similarities between Avatar and Scientology, including:
  • Location exercises
  • TRs
  • Situation reports
  • OT3
  • Guardian Office
  • Transgressions
  • Ethics reporting
We also discuss where the Compassion Exercises originates from. There is way more than this even but this gives you an idea of the true origins of the Avatar Course.

What is an Avatar Basher | YouTube Video

What is an Avatar Basher? How does it affect the Avatar Network? How does an Avatar Master “repair” their prospect who has been bashed? How is the concept of Avatar Basher used to control in the Avatar Network?

Is Avatar a Good Cult | YouTube Video

In this video I debunk the claim: Avatar is a Good Cult! I outline what a cult looks like, how Avatar slots into this, the ingredients for a nucleus of a destructive cult and how Avatar harms and exploits, in some circumstances, at an extreme level.

Although long, I feel this video is imperative to not only debunk whether Avatar is a good cult, but again, to bring to light the abuses and exploitation (especially with regards to the Avatar Angels found within the deeper inner workings and some of the very abusive practices AIs. QMs and Trainers are subjected to).

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