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Critical Websites & Blogs

Here are a number of sites that we recommend you explore before signing up to do the Avatar Course.

Dutch Site Exposing Avatar  A site with lots of Avatar related info worth visiting by anyone considering doing the Avatar Course.  This was highly controversial at its time with some very important information which was exposed.

harleystrangelove An excellent blog related to the controversial Avatar Course, providing you with a good understanding of Avatar’s beliefs and doctrine.

Complaint Filed Against the Avatar Course Official complaint made to Families Against Cult Teachings who shared this case on both their Facebook page and blog.

Boomtown Rap  A blog site which was set up from a non-Avatar.  If you can dig amongst some nit picking you will find some very worrying reviews and concerns.

An Online Petition to get Harry Palmer investigated.  Some of the signatures also give some worrying experiences and concerns.




Disclaimer: The purpose of this expose is to warn, educate and bring the truth to the surface - potentially saving lives and preventing any future victims. We do not intend to slander, libel or harm anyone mentioned in this expose or throughout this website. This expose is based on the opinion of the author regarding their personal experience, an investigation undertaken, reviews made on the internet, reviews received, interviews carried out, evidence received and retained, and a full assessment made against credible cult expert 'models' such as the Bite Model, Singer's Six Conditions and Lifton's 8 conditions.