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Letter Bruce (2002)

I was a student at the Elmira Mission of the Church of Scientology from 1978 to 1981. During that time I purchased and was not allowed to complete five (5) courses. What happened was, I would pay for and start a course. Shortly into it I would be told that it was the wrong course. I would then be told that I had to buy a different course and complete it before I could continue the first course. This happened five times. The courses were; Happiness Rundown, PTS/SP course, Dianetics, Personal Ethics and Integrity, and the Method 1 co-audit.

I was never allowed to finish any of these courses. In 1981 when Harry Palmer suspended my wife, Carmen, I was called into the Mission and given an ultimatum. I was told that if I stayed married to Carmen I could no longer have services at the Mission. I, of course, chose to stay married. The total cost of these undelivered courses is about $5500. This was money that I paid for services and never received. I was never given a refund or allowed to complete the courses.







Disclaimer: The purpose of this expose is to warn, educate and bring the truth to the surface - potentially saving lives and preventing any future victims. We do not intend to slander, libel or harm anyone mentioned in this expose or throughout this website. This expose is based on the opinion of the author regarding their personal experience, an investigation undertaken, reviews made on the internet, reviews received, interviews carried out, evidence received and retained, and a full assessment made against credible cult expert 'models' such as the Bite Model, Singer's Six Conditions and Lifton's 8 conditions.