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Avatar Beliefs & Doctrine

This section is currently still being worked on, but for now, here is an overview of the main doctrine taught in Avatar.


We Create Everything

On the Avatar Course you learn the doctrine of “everything is a creation” – we create it all!  This leads many to describe the feeling of being God like and that we create everything.  It also leads to a delusional state that we even create ALL the negative experiences in our life.  If we are raped, we did something to create this experience.  If we were beaten, we did something to create this experience.  If we have HIV, we created it.  There is nothing we did not create.


Secrets, Transgressions Kept Secret (TKS) and Hidden Agendas

At the Wizards Course, we learn about the concept of Secrets.  If I am ever feeling critical, mad at, angry, or upset towards someone, no matter what they did, it is because I have a secret towards them.  The days of being upset with someone are over.  If I am upset with them, I have to write up a secret which is creating the upset.  It keeps us monitoring ourselves 24/7.  It also prevents criticism of Harry, Avra, Stars Edge, Trainers and QMs.

This doctrine is also the beginning of an Avatar Master realising how bad and awful they are.  This continues into their Avatar journey as owning up to transgressions, hidden agendas and “making amends” for both their wrongs and karma.

For those higher up, write ups and making amends is a daily exercise. It creates a dependency on the Trainers and Avra who check all our writes ups and dish out punishments.

To read about Harry Palmer’s Enlightened Justice Procedure, go HERE>>


Criticism of Others and Projection

On the Integrity course we learn that “if there is something you do not like about someone, there is something you are resisting in yourself?  Everything is a projection.  Seeing negativity in another, is resisting negativity in yourself.  If you are struggling to get students, then you have an integrity issue which needs solving.


Entity Paradigm

At Wizards we learn that everything we do not deliberately place in our space is an entity that needs to be handled.  There is an entity for EVERYTHING!  The those higher up (AIs, QMs and Trainers) they are instructed to use the Entity Handling Procedure EVERY SINGLE EVENING.



The QMs are considered to be the Bodhisavvas in Avatar.  Question one at your own peril!  They are the ones who have given up their life for the bigger picture.  Their life is full of ‘sacrifice’ and ‘dedication’ to the cause.  The Mission comes before everything, including your integrity, family, friends and partners.  Your commitment has come from an ‘ancient pact’ which was made ‘before this lifetime’.


Karma and Making Amends

In the higher levels the concept of karma is used.  We are constantly collecting karmic ‘points’.  The more loyal you are, the more ‘points’ you gain. The more you do which is “in alignment” and contributes to “the cause”, the more ‘points’ you gain.  If you step out of line, or do something which ‘affects’ the group, then you have to make amends and have created karma for yourself.


Creating Students

As an AI and QM, we are taught that there is nothing creating a student cannot handle in life.  Numbers and production is worked on EVERY SINGLE DAY with both a Trainer and Avra.  There is nothing creating a student will not handle in life.  It will make us happy, pay our bills and fulfil us.