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Letter Margie Hoffman (1991)

[Letter from Margie Hoffman to Michel Langinieux] 

18 April, 1991 


Thank you for your letter. I am not afraid that the French (or others) will believe Harry over me. Harry won’t fuck them as he has fucked folks in Elmira!! And knowing Harry, he is probably pouring on the sweetness, kindness and “Can you believe these nasty lies?!” to make him look innocent. He’s a master at claiming no responsibility and looking like he’s wrongly targeted.

Besides, people won’t want to look at Harry’s crap until they themselves are ready. Please don’t make it a quest of yours to convince others of Harry ‘s shortcoming. (I never listened until I was ready!!) Just let them know about it and let them decide. Harry is building his own karma.

About Harry’s accusations: He’s brilliant at twisting facts in his favor! I never admitted to taking money, ever! Nor did I take money. Those are his made-up lies to make me look bad and him good. He stole thousands of dollars from people here. That’s what I testified about.

His carefully selected points about my testimony was taken out of context. His lawyer was pushing me to see if I saw Harry take the $ to his house, specifically. No, I never followed him home. But I was trained and urged to get cashand give it to Harry and Avra as soon as it came in. They put it in their car/purse and drove away. Hey–I was in charge of getting the money in for 12 years. They had a separate cash receipt box and those receipts and records were destroyed when the heat came on. I’d say there are at least 60 people who can attest to this, as they had been pressured to pay cash even up to $15,000 in one shot.

Sure–I was never “passed on the Master’s Course. Neither was Sue Sweetland when I resigned. Staff never received proper training. It was usually held over one’s head as a control factor. Ironic how I was called to duty to help in the classroom–especially to help with someone that Avra or Sue couldn’t pass.

No, I wasn’t a Star’s Edge trainer. Harry, to evade the problems, turned Avatar over to Star’s Edge after I resigned. It was the Creative Learning Center that I was employed by (sub title to Church of Scientology). Harry keeps trying to say that Avatar belongs to Star’s Edge and no one on our staff knew about it.

I was on the board of directors for years until my resignation. I was third in command for years. Harry disputes this because it helps his creation to make me look bad. He forgets what I know about him and his unethical behavior.

There’s no record about me in the Elmira police station. There is, however, a lengthy one about Harry at the detective’s bureau.

I think that if this mess in Elmira were just “our” creation, then it wouldn ‘t keep creeping into his life like that. Many people supported him by giving him money, time, devotion. He made promises. As soon as he started making money outside Elmira, he wanted to fire everyone and not give people their money back (hundreds of thousands of dollars). Lawsuits are still happening. Harry has left a trail of disillusioned people behind. Not just us, but people he worked with prior to Scientology.

While Harry can “wow” people while they are under his very clever spell, they won’t listen until they are ready to see it too. Harry and staff are trained to present a loving circle of love (which is like an altered state of consciousness) to get people to trust them without thinking. They will never question it until they see Harry do something that is not like their creation of him. MANY PEOPLE LOVED HITLER, TOO!!

So, the people to let know about this are those who don’t know about Harry or Avatar. They will listen. And the Masters? They may or may not come around. So rest, Michel.

I find it interesting that Harry creates a system to teach people that everything is their creation. This very conveniently makes him not responsible for the effects he has created on other people and their lives.

In love, health and awakening,

Margie Hoffman


[Source:  Confirmed directly with Margie by Avatar Uncovered (2018)]