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Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision

To establish a reputable platform which brings the truth to the surface, helps people to recover, supports family, friends and loved ones, and brings awareness to potential students – helping to save lives.


Our Mission

To highlight the unethical practices, violations and injustices of Stars Edge International and to provide a voice for those who have been affected by the Avatar practices, processes and doctrine.  In addition we aim to bring education and awareness to potential students, the general public, professionals, law enforcement and the media. Our intention is to help you become more aware and to keep you safe.


Our Objectives

  • To highlight the unethical practices, violations and injustices of Stars Edge International and the Stars Edge network
  • To provide a voice and secure platform for ex-Avatar Masters who have been negatively affected
  • To provide an alternative perspective for those who may be considering doing the course
  • To provide support for Avatar Masters who are beginning to question and need support in leaving
  • To provide support for family, friends, business associates and loved ones who have someone within the Stars Edge Network
  • To bring education and awareness to the public regarding The Avatar Course, the inner workings of the Stars Edge Network and their cult like practices



Disclaimer: The purpose of this expose is to warn, educate and bring the truth to the surface - potentially saving lives and preventing any future victims. We do not intend to slander, libel or harm anyone mentioned in this expose or throughout this website. This expose is based on the opinion of the author regarding their personal experience, an investigation undertaken, reviews made on the internet, reviews received, interviews carried out, evidence received and retained, and a full assessment made against credible cult expert 'models' such as the Bite Model, Singer's Six Conditions and Lifton's 8 conditions.