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2nd Letter to Stars Edge

A follow up email and a list of critical questions were sent to Stars Edge headquarters on the 30th March 9am AEST.

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The email reads as follows:

Dear Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith and Stars Edge International

I am writing in reference to my email dated 5th January 2018.  

Despite the seriousness of what is included in the email, and the claims made throughout our expose, there still seems to be no response from your part, including answers to the many questions which were sent to you.  We have also reminded you of this opportunity numerous times throughout our use of social media.

There are now many ex-Avatar Masters, their family and loved ones, as well as those who you have been activity recruiting, in addition to ex-Scientologists who were part of your Elmira Mission days – all waiting for a response! 

Since sending you the original email there continues to be more and more stories and experiences coming in which just confirm even further what we seek answers to.  It appears you go out of your way to keep your inner workings “secretive” and pass ALL negative experiences off from your organisation as just being the person’s “creation” and/or “their fault”.  It appears that ‘extreme exploitation’ does not bother you, nor the wellbeing of many people who have entered your organisation.

In addition to our previous questions, we specifically would like answers to the following.  These questions are based on the experiences of “many” ex-members:

·  Please explain the pool of Avatar Masters who are being used to lend huge amounts of money to other students/masters, sometimes on the abusive and manipulative demands of Avra and her Trainers?

·  There are many of these Masters with existing assets in your organisation being used to loan money – do you feel this activity is ethical?  Are you aware that often these loans never get paid back?  Does this not bother you? How is this solely their responsibility?

·  Why are you expecting these Masters to take on this huge financial burden when you are a multi-million-dollar business?  Why are you not personally lending the money if it is so important to you that these students must attend advanced courses or stay on the Path?

·  How many Avatars, Masters and Wizards are created by them finding their own finances to undertake the courses ethically, rather than being unduly influenced and pressured to borrow?  How many people genuinely go on to do your courses without being manipulated, coerced or guilted into it?  What are the numbers?

·  Please confirm your beliefs with regards to entities and the beliefs regarding conventional medicine in your higher levels?  At what stage does your organisation flip to teaching that entities are the root cause of everything, including incurable diseases?  Please explain your internal practices with regards to the use of the Entity Handling Procedure, especially for AI’s, QMs and Trainers?

·  Please explain your understanding of the term “deceptive recruitment”?  Do you feel your organisation practices deceptive recruitment?

·  Why are “transgressions” such an integral part of your organisation as people move up your hierarchy and why are regular write ups demanded by Avra and Trainers? 

·  How are these ‘write ups’ used to control and take hold of a Masters reality?  At what stage in your practices does a Master lose all control of their life?  Please explain at what level in your hierarchy this is happening?

·  When did we give you permission to keep all of our confessionals, written up transgressions and success stories on file? How are our personal folders and information used within your organisation and who are they shared with?

·  Are you aware of the laws and regulations with regards to the keeping and sharing of our private and confidential information?  As a ‘for profit’ enterprise, how are these implemented within your organisation?  What systems do you have in place?

·   Please explain your use of Situation Reports regarding your critics which are freely distributed within your organisation: 

o   What is a Situation Report?

o   What is the purpose of a Situation Report?  

o   What information do you include in your Situation Reports? 

o   Where do you get the information from which you include in your Situation Reports? 

o   How do you clarify the personal information you put into your Situation Report?

o   How do your Situation Reports relate to your term Avatar Basher? 

o   How do you assess whether someone is an Avatar Basher or not? 

o   Who else do you involve in this assessment? 

o   Is the person you term an Avatar Basher aware of your assessment and the information you are spreading about them?

To illiterate, you are harming people and exploiting people for your own financial gain: this is now obvious.  None of us signed up for the type of abuse, deception and exploitation your organisation has generated.   

We all deserve answers.  We are not “lesser” human beings than you are!

We look forward to getting a response.



On behalf of Avatar Uncovered