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An Open Letter from a Mother

November 2018

To Harry Palmer and the other Leaders of Avatar and Star’s Edge:

I am so angry beyond words at what I hear you are doing to people—all under the cloak of “Saving the World.”

You say you are not a religion, yet it seems you have devotees like a fundamentalist religion; all on a “Spiritual” mission. Your followers cannot question your guidance: Doesn’t that make you a Christ figure? A Pope? A Shaman? [Geeze, even our US President is being questioned plenty right now.]

You say you have no beliefs; yet our daughter, who grew-up with a keen discerning mind and independent spirit, seems to believe anyone not in Avatar is somehow “out-ofbalance” and therefore untrustworthy.

You say you are not a cult, yet you have been legally designated as one in many countries; maybe even now in the US. Cults suck on their members for power, money or sex: Haven’t heard of sexual misconduct; yet, but Power being concentrated more and more in the Inner Circle is certainly true, and you are leaving a wake of bankrupt people in service, (servitude?) to your cause.

Cults are secret. Worse than drug pushers, they lure with incremental enticements that sound good, while the negative effects are hidden. Those who somehow wake-up to what is going on leave, and those who stay have their personalities changed gradually by the mis-use of psychological techniques of hypnotism, NLP, gas lighting, and other forms of mind bending as they are led deeper into an abusive world where even the member starts doubting their own knowing and memory. Any abuse of members is hidden, discounted, or turned back on the member by means of a feedback loop, [more on that below.] Negatives are immediately taken off social media ASAP. Lawyers protect the organization; not its members. [In the US we will soon find out how cult-like our own leaders have become, and see if our courts and lawyers will protect lies and criminal acts, or the people they have sworn to protect.]

Cults are a feedback loop. This is akin to keeping secrets, but bears more emphasis. Any person saying anything negative about the group or its leaders is somehow “misinformed, lying, out-of-balance, stupid, or on the wrong path.” [Again, reflected in our own US leadership calling negative news “fake” and fomenting distrust.]

Those of you in Avatar—or another High-control group, family or organization—heed this Mother Bear’s warning: Are you able to question your leaders? Do you? Beware of a wonderful, soft, loving group where everyone is happy; everyone laughs at the same jokes; everyone agrees: A place where negatives are hidden or kept “within the group.”

To the leaders of Avatar: May you have the true Compassionate-Wisdom and LovingKindness* to forgive yourselves AND make restitution for your errors; your sins; the harm you caused your fellow sojourners on life’s path.

*The true Compassionate-Wisdom and Loving-Kindness of God at the true core of our Heart’s Journey.

God Bless ALL our Hearts,

A Mother Bear