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Please note, the purpose of this expose is not to slander, libel or harm Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith or any of the Stars Edge Trainers in any way.  It is to bring truth to the surface, to bring awareness and education to the public, to bring closure for victims, to support ex-Avatar masters, family, friends and loved ones, and to potentially change Star’s Edge’s damaging practices and processes – so that no one might be hurt in the future.

A Very Warm Welcome to Avatar Uncovered | Exposing the Avatar Course

Avatar Uncovered is an online platform dedicated to investigating and exposing the inner workings of the Avatar Course and Stars Edge International.


Led by Amanda Reed (ex-Avatar Master / Junior Adv. Intern) and supported by ex-Scientologists, ex-Avatar Masters and our friends, family and loved ones – we are dedicated to bringing the truth to the surface and exposing the injustices, abuses, exploitation and violations of Avatar, Stars Edge International and Harry Palmer / Avra Honey-Smith.


A Scientology spin off destructive cult, Avatar continues to ruin many lives and many ex-members have felt silenced, suppressed and ashamed.  They have lost their voice and their rights.  They have been violated, exploited, abused and deceived.  This has also significantly affected their family, friends and loved ones.


In addition to an ongoing investigation, interviews with past members, and the collation of critical reviews, this exposure is based on the experiences of dozens of Avatar Masters and their friends and family. 


Some ex-members who were seriously exploited, abused and deceived, continue to contribute their time, knowledge and concerns, including some who were in Avatar for well over a decade and were at one stage fanatically devoted to Avra Honey-Smith and Harry Palmer.


Many of us are still concerned about the mental, emotional and financial state of current practising Avatar Masters, especially Advanced Interns, QMs and Trainers.  Despite the initial appearance of “composure, love bombing and helpfulness” – the inner workings of Avatar and the “true lives” of practising Masters is more often than not the complete opposite of this facade.  Most are significantly struggling and, in our opinion and from our observation, are under the abusive and exploitive control of Avra Honey-Smith.


Nothing in this expose is sensationalised and everything in this expose has been based on ALL of our experiences, our observations when part of this cult, evidence and facts.  When it is purely our opinion, we state so.


For those of you considering the Avatar Course and the Avatar Path, do please seriously contemplate the following quote:

“Nobody joins a cult. You join a self-help group, a religious movement, a political organization. They change so gradually, by the time you realize you’re entrapped – and almost everybody does – you can’t figure a safe way back out.” 

(Deborah Layton, who was involved in — and escaped from — Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple cult)


The moment you are:

  • Not allowed to criticise
  • Not allowed to question
  • Are told to work through your resistance and go against your own “knowing”
  • Are told to go against your own integrity
  • Are shot down, made to feel guilty, or are silenced.
  • Are told to do something for the “sake of the bigger picture”.

Stand out and WALK OUT!  

It may safe you years and years of suffering!



Who is this site suitable for?

The information, education and support we provide is aimed at ex-members, Avatar Masters who may be questioning, potential students, the general public, journalists, law enforcement, mental health practitioners and concerned friends, family and loved ones.


The advice of cult educational organisations, cult experts and thought reform consultants was sought before the launch of this exposure and active campaign.  Many continue to fully support our exposure and campaign.


NB: those who have chosen to remain anonymous will always have their identities protected.  We absolutely never disclose names or confidential information which is well within “our legal rights”.   This is imperative considering Stars Edge’s track record of harassment and bullying techniques.


If you are a concerned family member, relative, friend or loved one – please go here>> https://avataruncovered.is/family-loved-ones/    There are things you need to consider when dealing with a loved one in a destructive cult such as Avatar!



Transgressions, Violations and Abuses

Since the launch of The Avatar Course in 1986, the creation of advanced courses, including the Avatar Masters Course, Professional Course, Integrity Course and Wizards Course, and the adoption of the Advanced Intern Program –  there have been many reports of unethical practices, violations, abuses, injustices and extreme exploitation.

These include:

  • Emotional, psychological, verbal, spiritual and financial abuse.
  • Verbal and emotional abuse has included daily put down, ridicule and extreme control by Avra Honey-Smith with all her AIs, QMs and Trainers (to the stage of them being in floods of tears, distressed and humiliated in front of the group she is working with).  This verbal and emotional abuse is often then carried out by Trainers and QMs to lower down Masters.
  • Undue influence and coercive persuasion in signing up to courses and continuing on “The Path” (sometimes extreme pressure and manipulation to do Avatar and continue Advanced courses and internships).
  • Extreme financial exploitation (millions of dollars being handed over to Stars Edge, “per devoted Avatar Master”, who has access to existing assets.  This money has often been handed over on abusive demands of Avra and her Trainers; apparently justified as being a consequence of the Masters “transgressions” they have committed).
  • Illegal and abusive use of confidential information, folders and confessionals (there is an internal Enlightened Justice Procedure).
  • Breakdowns and hospitalisation (both on the Avatar courses and practising Avatar Masters who were part of the Group/network).
  • Misrepresentation and non-disclosure of product.
  • Unlawful and illegal exemption clauses and disclaimers.
  • Illegal Intern structure (many Masters on the Advanced Intern Program are exploited for free labour of 80 to 100 hours per week).
  • No transparency of financial structure (How do QMs get paid?  How do Trainers get paid?  Where does an Avatar Master’s internship payment go?  What is the financial organisational scale?).
  • Deceptive recruitment (a huge amount of the “truth”, inner workings and “what Avatar is really about” is kept hidden from potential students).
  • Secrecy (both the creation of the materials, the background of the leaders, the financial structure, operational management and the hidden inner levels).
  • Anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.
  • Severe debt, financial difficulties and bankruptcy (MOST Masters struggle financially.   It’s rare you will find a successful Avatar Master.  Most are lied to about potential success throughout their recruitment process).
  • Bullying in the workplace.
  • Manipulative and controlling practices (especially by QMs, Trainers and Avra Honey-Smith).
  • Psychological intervention needed with ex-members, especially their more devoted Masters (this has included cult exit counselling, cult interventions, psychologists and psychiatrists).
  • Gas lighting (a damaging psychological abusive technique).
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (especially those who were under the direct control of Avra Honey-Smith).
  • Complete breakdown of relationships, family life and careers.
  • Behaviour control, including:
    • Relationship control
    • Pregnancy and child rearing control
    • Lifestyle and weight control
    • Time control.
  • Complete loss of identity, replaced by a “cult identity”.
  • Suicidal tendencies, deep deep depression and cases of people not able to work again for many years after their involvement.


The majority of these abuses and violations are happening within the Advanced Intern Program and towards the top of the hierarchy. (The Wizards Course onwards). This is common for Advanced Interns, QMs and Trainers. As with many cults, the extreme abuse, control and exploitation are being kept hidden from lower down Avatar Masters, students, their family and friends and the general public.


However, no matter how serious, the perspective from Stars Edge regarding all claims and complaints ever made throughout all their courses and the after affects of being part of their Network, has been to bypass ALL responsibility by always blaming the “victim” in using their “personal responsibility” and “you create it all” doctrines.

Avatar as a Destructive Cult

A destructive cult does not mean a person has to be physically beaten, or kept in a compound.  Nor is it very obvious at first that you are entering into one.  Sometimes the process take months, and even years, before the person becomes psychologically and emotionally trapped, abused and exploited – suddenly becoming a pawn for the organisations hidden agenda(s). 

According to our experiences, many cases received and a  detailed investigation as laid out on this website – Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith and Stars Edge International have created this trap for far too many!

All the claims on this website are backed up through all of our personal experiences, cases received, negative reviews made, evidence received and retained and a comprehensive analysis against various well-respected cult models, including: Singers 6 Conditions, the BITE model and Liftons 8 Conditions. In the cultic field, Avatar has a reputation with many exit counsellors, cult interventionists and cult awareness/educational organisations as being a destructive cult, especially financially and psychologically. 

Suppression of Free Speech & Critics

In the past, many ex-members have been violated and threatened for speaking out about the injustices and negative experiences of The Avatar Course and the Stars Edge Network.  These have even gone as far as death threats, threats of ill health and smear campaigns made against those ex-Avatar Masters and their families who have been brave enough to speak out.


This has led to the suppression of free speech and the prevention of critical material being published online, with past websites having been taken down and domain names being confiscated by Stars Edge, which we believe is not only for the public interest but also critical in supporting friends, family and loved ones who have someone caught up within the inner workings of the Stars Edge Network.


We believe this level of “cover up”, “bullying” and the “deceptive use” of copyright protection is plain wrong and that all violations, abuses, injustices, lies, deception, corruption, secrets and hidden agendas associated with The Avatar Course, the Stars Edge Network, Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith and their inner circle should be exposed without fear of loss of life, smear campaigns, humiliation, or the threat of harm being done to friends, family and loved ones. It is these fears, in addition to deeply ingrained Avatar indoctrination, regret, shame and remorse, which has kept ex-Avatar Masters in either a state of confusion or complete silence.


This is NOT ACCEPTABLE and we will do everything in our power to make sure ALL information and cover ups are freely distributed throughout the Internet, social media and the Press which, as far as humanly possible, will be free of fear, free of interruption and free of suppression. It is important to note the ‘seriousness’ of the claims and information shared on this website. 


We want Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith and Stars Edge International to understand and absorb every case, every claim, every review, every experience and ALL information which can be found on this website and in our active campaign.

We will not accept the “boomerang” affect for anyone who speaks out!  This is no longer acceptable!  People should be able to share their “real” experiences without being frightened.


See our Open Letters to Stars Edge, Harry Palmer and Avra Honey-Smith:

Letter 1 to Stars Edge>> https://avataruncovered.is/letter-to-stars-edge/

Letter 2 to Stars Edge>> https://avataruncovered.is/2nd-letter-stars-edge/


Moving Forward

Over the next few months, Avatar Uncovered will be carrying out many interviews with ex-members, cult experts and mental health practitioners.  The intention is to help bring education and awareness to the general public, healing for ex-members, families and loved ones, and information for those contemplating doing the Avatar Course.


Submit Information Anonymously

Avatar Uncovered is committed to providing a space and secure platform where all information which is shared can be completely anonymous. 


If you have a story, experience, or information you wish to share, you can do this without it ever being connected to your real identity or your IP address. To submit a story or piece of information in complete anonymity, please follow the instructions>>HERE


Lets begin our expose!  START HERE>> Our Perspective

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this expose is to warn, educate and bring the truth to the surface - potentially saving lives and preventing any future victims. We do not intend to slander, libel or harm anyone mentioned in this expose or throughout this website. This expose is based on the opinion of the author regarding their personal experience, an investigation undertaken, reviews made on the internet, reviews received, interviews carried out, evidence received and retained, and a full assessment made against credible cult expert 'models' such as the Bite Model, Singer's Six Conditions and Lifton's 8 conditions.