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Submit a Story or Information Anonymously


Are you an ex-member with a story to tell?


Maybe you have some “up-to-date” material or some inside information you can share? 


Maybe you are whistle-blower who has some key information you feel we should know or some internal documents which could be useful?

You could even be a concerned friend, family member or business associate with a story you feel will help others?


One of the biggest ways we can protect others and help the ones we love is to speak out and stand up to corruption,  exploitation and violation.

Many times we are afraid to do this.  However, speaking up and taking action is imperative in order to stop the cycle of abuse and to bring such awful manipulative and destructive behaviour to an end.

We have provided a process where you can share your story, documents, materials or concern “anonymously”. We know how challenging it can be to share your story or key information, especially if you have a fear about whether you will be harassed.


In order to protect you when sending us any information, we suggest the following process so that your:

a) Identity cannot be traced – including your IP address
b) Confidence that your name will never be published
c) Know that your emails are encrypted (meaning no 3rd party can read them, even if you are hacked)

However, if you wish for your name to be published, then of course we can do this.


If your story or information is not highly sensitive or confidential, then simply contact us here>>


If your information is, then submit information securely by doing the  following:

1) VPN: please make sure you have downloaded a good quality VPN so your IP address cannot be tracked. Many these days offer free trials. We strongly recommend NORD VPN as it’s a high quality offshore company and they also do not keep logs.

Please also make sure you use your VPN when making any comments on our blog if you are wanting to remain anonymous. This prevents your IP address being traced, thus keeping your personal identity safe

2) PROTONMAIL: for extra protection sign up for free encrypted “offshore” email. We highly recommend Protonmail which is both encrypted and based in Switzerland. We also use this service. This means all emails sent and received would have “end to end” encryption. They can never ever be read by a 3rd party. Not even a staff member of Protonmail could read your email.

3) EMAIL US: once you have your VPN, have signed up for secure email through Protonmail – you are then safe to send us your information without any trace.

Please then email use @

Thank you so much for your contribution – it is greatly appreciated!

It really does make a huge difference.