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Our Perspective | Avatar Course Cult

Please note, the purpose of this expose is not to slander, libel or harm Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith or any of the Stars Edge Trainers in any way.  It is to bring truth to the surface, to bring awareness and education to the public, to bring closure for victims, to support ex-Avatar masters, family, friends and loved ones, and to potentially stop Star’s Edge’s allegedly damaging practices and processes – so that no one might be hurt in the future.


the avatar course cultFrom our investigation with regards to our experiences, cases received, interviews carried out, negative reviews made, evidence received and evidence retained – it is clear to see that over the years many people have been severely damaged both psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Some still claim to have PTSD and a severely damaged psyche even decades after being under the wings of Harry Palmer & Avra Honey-Smith in the Elmira Scientology Mission days.

Some people claim their lives are still completely ruined years after their involvement with Avatar and the Stars Edge Network.


It appears Harry and Avra’s business practices and the manner in which they deal with their followers has not changed over the last 42 years, which we have clear evidence of, including the adoption of many proven Scientology suppressive and controlling practices, such as: transgressions kept secret, a guardian heart [1], the abuse of the use of “confession”, the unethical use of handlings and rundowns and Fair Game tactics.


In addition, their pressure in unduly influencing people to take out excessive amount of bank loans, credit cards and borrowing from friends and family are exactly the same as when they run their Elmira Scientology Mission.

The most worrying activity is the unethical use of Avatar Masters (AIs and QMs: otherwise known as the Avatar Angels) who have existing assets and who are lending huge amounts of money to Avatar Masters (even those who are unemployed and from poorer countries), sometimes even whilst the student is under an altered state of consciousness, at the suggestion and recommendation of Avra and Star Edge Trainers.

Some of these Avatar Masters are being demanded by Avra Honey-Smith and her trainers to “cough up” more money for loans due to the transgressions they have committed.  Many of these loans are never paid back, with the burden and financial mess resting with the Avatar Master and never Stars Edge.  Some of these Avatar Masters have been unduly influenced to hand over “millions of dollars EACH”!


Our primary concern at this time is the well-being and mental state of all current, inactive, former and possibly future cult members. This is why we do what we do!


In our opinion, the essence of the Avatar teachings is not about true therapy, healing, self-empowerment, or a safe exploration of our consciousness – as is advertised and promoted.  For some they may claim to have had these experiences but for many others the affects and consequences have been quite the contrary – either experienced on-course, as part of the group, or once the artificial highs have diminished and the student/master has left.


Many who were higher up the pyramid (Advanced Intern upwards) have reported emotional, verbal and psychological abuse by Avra Honey-Smith, which has included daily put down, ridicule and humiliation.  This has been to the stage of the Master being in floods of tears, distressed and completely humiliated in front of the group she is working with.  This verbal and emotional abuse is often then carried out by Trainers and QMs to lower down Masters.


Many ex-Avatar Masters also claim they are still trying to pick up their lives years later, with some developing mental and emotional instability which did not exist pre-course, or pre-their involvement with the inner workings.

In many other cases their involvement has resulted in financial ruin, relationships lost, divorce, the loss of friends, the loss of a sense of reality, the loss of careers, PTSD, severe anxiety, severe depression, long term mental illness, suicidal tendencies and even one claim of suicide.


According to our experiences, cases in, interviews carried out, negative reviews made and evidence received and retained regarding the practices of Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith and Stars Edge International – we strongly believe they are cult leaders, hiding behind a ‘for profit’ organisation, in the friendly tax state of Florida, with internal workings acting as a destructive cult.


In our opinion, and from a detailed assessment, Stars Edge International’s recruitment, indoctrination, and control techniques are typical to that of destructive cult, as per our analysis of Lifton’s 8 Conditions, the BITE model, Singers six conditions and Deception, Dependency and Dread. We have evidenced this in great length and depth throughout our exposure on this website and all accompanying material.


From this detailed assessment with regards to all information received and retained – we believe their goal is to psychologically break down students in the name of “personal responsibility”, “enlightenment” and “awakening humanity” – for control and exploitation purposes.


According to this information, evidence and our assessment – it seems that Harry, Avra and Stars Edge International have no regard for the physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being of their followers, especially their more devoted ones.


According to this information, evidence and our assessment – we believe Harry and Avra’s regime to be very dangerous – especially mentally, financially and emotionally and advice potential students to think twice before becoming a student.

At the very least we suggest that you educate yourself on what lies ahead regarding both courses and also before becoming part of the Stars Edge Network, which is where the abuse and violations get very serious!


When we speak of responsibility it is important to remember that the Avatar tools are not fool proof. Having never had any objective external enquiry or feedback [to the best of our knowledge], and having been created by a high school English teacher whose main psychological education was 15 years of high level Scientology, including teaching Scientology in schools back in the early 1970s –  there has been no professional ever involved in their development who understands the human psyche and who understands the emotions which potentially come up for their students when undergoing the Avatar Course, Advanced Courses, using the tools on a regular basis and implementing policies which are practiced within the group.

This is especially true for those who are vulnerable or have a history of psychological, physical and/or sexual abuse.


Often Avatar Interns, QMs and Trainers have been left to deal with these types of circumstances, which is scary, dangerous and irresponsible.  There are no registered mental health practitioners on site, and if a student or master has a breakdown, they just merely end up in a mental hospital which will be passed off by Star’s Edge as being: ‘“a creation they couldn’t handle”, “something they had created”, or “something which they were not willing to look at on course”.

There are far too many occurrences of people being damaged or hospitalised and Stars Edge passing this off as the student’s responsibility is clearly wrong and questions the true care and intentions of this organisation. It also questions the mental state of those who are fanatically applying this philosophy, with zero accountability and zero allowance for criticism or room for any form of constructive feedback.

Students are still being told that Avatar Courses are more suitable for them than professional therapy, even if they are in an extremely vulnerable situation and this needs to stop in order to prevent more ruined lives.


We thank all of the brave ex-Avatar Masters and ex-Scientologists for finding the courage to speak out and provide critical information and substantial contribution in an urgent effort to warn potential students and to stop the manipulation, deception, exploitation and abuse.


In our opinion, and from our extensive research: threats, smear campaigns, ridicule, shame, harassment, Fair Game tactics, intimidation, extreme indoctrination and 1 to 1 brain washing sessions have all heavily contributed to Harry, Avra and Stars Edge International having been able to operate so long without a credible and prolonged investigation and exposure.


Destructive cults operate in a similar fashion to abusive relationships, with many victims finding it almost impossible to speak out, as they have been so heavily indoctrinated to internalise everything as being “their fault” and “their responsibility”.  Thus, they are suppressed in speaking out against abuse, blatant violations, exploitation and a clear lack of respect for one’s human rights.


Though current Avatar Masters, Qualified Masters and Star’s Edge trainers have every right to defend Harry Palmer, Avra Honey-Smith and Stars Edge International – we believe that Harry and Avra need to step out from the protection of the group and their organisation and personally answer and deal with each accusation, review and case which has ever been made against them, not only since the beginning of the Avatar Course in 1986, but the absolute mess they left from their Scientology Elmira Mission.


In our opinion, this is what is involved when you practice “responsible leadership” and have a sincere care for those you have ever had under your wing.  For an organisation with such a huge objective to create an enlightened and responsible planet – this is the bare minimum they can do.


This expose is the result of our detailed investigation over many many months including our personal experiences, cases in, critical reviews ever made, evidence received, documentaries made, evidence retained, interviews carried out and press articles published – which highlights that hundreds of lives have being destroyed, financial loss has been endured, mental health has been ruined, careers have been lost, hearts have been broken, families and friendships have been torn apart, marriages have been destroyed and quality of life has been permanently lost.


All of these dreadful consequences will never be restored to pre-Avatar days.  We suggest that part of your Avatar Legacy should be to address all of these cases and accusations, in addition to significantly changing your business practices, the treatment of the people you hold under your wing, and your true intentions in running all your courses and the promotion of your Enlightened Planetary Civilisation.


Remember: just because someone teaches you about indoctrination – does not mean they are not indoctrinating you!  It is a classic ploy of cult leaders to teach you subjects in which they are currently enacting or are about to enact!


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  1. Scientology’s Guardian’s Office was established in 1966, and its initial mission was to protect the interests of the Church of Scientology, and gather information on agencies and individuals deemed enemies of the organization. It was also charged with internal monitoring of current Scientologists, in particular heretics and notable defectors. Avatar’s “Guardian Heart” has very close similarities, which are kept secret from the lower levels and implemented at the higher levels, where the “end justifies the means”.