The Avatar Path: An Overview

The following is an overview – from beginning to end – of the Avatar Path.  The first stages up to Section 1 of the Avatar Course (ReSurfacing) may vary person to person.  The majority of people will not get past the Wizards Course.

The Wizards Course focuses more on the “collective consciousness”, the occult, entities, fully taking on the mission of an EPC and also the concept of transgressions kept secret / hidden agendas.  This is when your psyche and your decision making subtly begin to be handed over to the Stars Edge Network.  The agenda becomes about what is best for Harry Palmer, Stars Edge and the Mission.  This is in black and white within the Wizards course materials.  From this point onwards the mission is all about creating and EPC and your role is “to get students” and support Harry/Avra’s mission.

Where the control and abuse really begins to kick in is from Internships onwards.  Extreme control, abuse and exploitation is taking place within the Advanced Intern Program.

However, do note some people have had problems even with the basic Avatar Course.  For some they get through it fine, for others, especially if you are more vulnerable, can suffer severely.

There are no mental health practitioners on course, nor anyone experienced to deal with really painful memories/issues.  So please do keep this in mind. I personally have seen students who were dealing with extreme abuse in their life (sexual / physical) be made to feel responsible for these experiences and I still feel remorse for having been responsible for taking vulnerable students through the Avatar Course; only for them to be made to feel responsible for events they 100% were not responsible for (such as being continuously beaten up by their husband or sexually abused as a child).

From the prospective of many ex-Avatar Masters, the Integrity Course is pure brainwashing and the Professional Course is predominately about “group think” and “alignment” to the cause.

The Advanced Intern Program has zero transparency and is the subtle handover of your beliefs, your life, your commitment to the bigger picture and the worship of Harry Palmer and Avra Honey-Smith.  It is full of mind games and has been deeply damaging for many who have exited Avatar and the Stars Edge Network.  These types of exits have even resulted in hospitalisations and long term mental illness, only for the Master to be “dumped” by the group and blamed for it.

The Advanced Intern Program (AIs/QMs/Trainers) is what is considered within a cult to be the “elite inner layer”, whereas those on the “outside” of this inner layer are lower down and are useful by the cult to champion the agenda, and if any good, to bring in the money/students and positive PR for Avatar.


Important reminder: brain washing and thought reform is a slow process. It does not all happen in 9 days!  It starts the moment you walk into the world of Avatar and continues into every course and internship you do….slowly striping away at your life, your relationships, your career, your sanity and your finances.

Also, different people have a different level of suggestibility (similar to hypnotism) to cult indoctrination.  One person may also be more important to the group than another.  For example, one person may have assets the group can use, another person may have the ability to be extremely loyal, or another may be a good recruiter.

There is a great deal of sifting, sorting and grooming going on ‘behind the scenes’. This is how cults work.  Every person is treated differently.

It may also depend on your need to be loved and accepted, otherwise known as love bombing. You may feel that the group is your “new family”, which is likely to pull you in further and deeper.  At this stage you are in danger and need to step back, take a break and critically assess your situation, rather than be “in feel” as will be pushed on you within Avatar.  Being “in feel” shuts off your critical mind and opens you up to cult indoctrination.

If you haven’t already, please visit the page: What is a Destructive Cult?  And watch the first video.  This will educate you on how they work, including the “outer and inner layers” of a cult.

Having this awareness is critical if you do decide after all your research that you still wish to take the Avatar Path.


The Avatar Path: An Overview



Most Avatar books are sold in Power Packs and accompany the courses.  They are also sold individually as a way to entice people to do the courses.  Harry Palmer claims that the books do the selling for you.  However, hardly any of us actually saw this take place, with most courses being undertaken from manipulative and coercive practises, or the infiltration of business networks and corporations.


The main books used in Avatar are as follows:


Living Deliberately

Living Deliberately is the foundation of the Avatar Course.  The book says to outline Harry’s search for a better way—for enlightenment—which ultimately led to the discovery and development of the Avatar materials, also presenting the background and foundation of The Avatar® Course in a clear and concise manner.

Deception: It is now clear the Avatar tools and materials were not found in the manner which is outlined in this book, but are instead borrowings of primarily Scientology, some buddhism and hinduism.  There is now a disclaimer in the front cover that the events are meant to “entertain” and are not “facts”.


ReSurfacing Workbook

This workbook accompanies Avatar’s 2 day workshop – The Resurfacing Course.

[See Resurfacing Course for more detail]


The Avatar Path: The Way We Came

Harry Palmer claims this is the story of an awakening that has become a worldwide movement.  However, hardly anyone has heard of Avatar or this book.


The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons

The 74 lessons contained in The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons were extrapolated from the advanced Avatar Materials. They are intended to be contemplative slices of subjects rather than full explanations.

Deception: this book is used as “truth” in Avatar and many Masters, especially those on the Adv. Intern Program, are referred to this book for a reference point.


The Avatar Legacy

The Avatar Legacy is a book that follows the introduction and development of the Avatar story. The chapters are based on Harry’s recorded talks that he gave between 1995 and 2009. There are some new “lessons” within this book.

Harry quotes: “Here is a challenge: Take a starship crew, give them amnesia, and then sprinkle them across a planet with a few billion other beings waiting to wake up. Now see how fast you can sort them out and re-connect”.

Deception: Harry Palmer now makes it blatantly clear that the Avatar Course and Path is “religious” at its core.  It is not about belief management, or merely a personal development course as has previously been claimed by Avatar. It is recruiting people into a cult which believes that they are part of an “elite few who have an ancient pact to save and awaken humanity”.  And also to create, not only an Enlightened Planetary Civilisation but an “Intergalactic Civilisation”.


Info Hour

We are encouraged to take all of our prospects through the Info Hour, no matter the circumstances.

An Info Hour includes:

  • The Avatar Times Intro
  • Watch Impressions video by Harry
  • Read “what is Avatar” Brochure
  • Read “The Compassion” Exercise
  • Sign the person up to the Avatar Course

An Info Hour must run exactly as is outlined above.


If the person does not feel ready to do the Avatar Course, but shows potential, they will then be invited to do a Free 2 hour mini course (Introduction).  Although this is free, and apparently no “strings attached”, this often can lead to pushing, manipulating, guilting and coercing someone to go onto doing the Avatar Course.

There are “no free dinners” as they say!

Be very aware if this is happening to you and be okay with saying NO and walking away!


The Compassion Project

The Compassion Exercise, although presented as being loving, compassionate, caring and enticing – is actually a front to lure people into the world of Avatar.  It is not what it seems!

In the world of cults, this is considered a “recruitment tool”.

  1. a) The Compassion Exercise, and project, are rarely referred to when you get into Avatar. You read it out once in Resurfacing and that is pretty much it!
  2. b) Avatar Masters are only compassionate throughout the recruitment process and in the beginning courses when you are getting “loved bombed”. As you get further into Avatar, their is “zero” compassion in Avatar. Masters, QMs and Trainers turn from the most loving human beings, to being narcissistic, harsh, domineering and controlling.   The compassion project and the presentation of Avatar being about Love is a front!


Please watch my video: The Compassion Project Deception.


Mini Courses and/or An Introduction

Often used as Free introduction sessions and used as bait, the mini courses are as follow:

  1. Awareness: Basic Attention Management
  2. Insight: Belief Management
  3. Determination: Basic Will
  4. Perspective: Creating Definition
  5. Compassion: The Forgiveness Option
  6. Integrity: Personal Integrity
  7. Alignment: Basic Life Alignment


These courses are also used throughout the main 9 day Avatar Course, which is not transparent.  These accompany the main material for those students who are “stuck” and need to shift out of a “creation” or any resistance they may have.

Thus, the materials for the 9 day Avatar Course are:

  • All books mentioned above.
  • The main materials (see materials)
  • The mini courses
  • Back to back videos of Harry Palmers talks


Main Courses


2 day ReSurfacing Workshop (Section 1 of the Avatar Course)

According to Harry Palmer, ReSurfacing refers to the action of disentangling yourself from old creations and rising back into awareness. It is a process of revealing your self to yourself. The reward is discovering why your life works—or why it doesn’t.

Although many people do get something out of the Resurfacing course, it is important to note that there are mind control, hypnotic exercises used, confessional exercises, borrowings of Scientology and belief management, borrowings of Buddism, and a blatant “set up” to the future courses and indoctrination of Avatar’s beliefs system and doctrine. (this will be discussed more in our “detailed analysis section” shortly.)

Please note an Avatar Master will not take you through a Resurfacing course without holding the intention of getting you onto the main Avatar Course and the Advanced courses.  They will have a QM they are checking in with to make sure you move along the Path.


The Avatar Course (Sections 2 and 3) – 7 days

Coming soon.


The Masters Course (Section 4: Awakening) – 9 days

Coming soon.


The Wizards Course – 13 days

Coming soon.


The Integrity Course – 9 days

Coming soon.


The Professional Course – 7 days

Coming soon.


Internships – 10 days

Coming soon.


The Advanced Intern Program (The Deeper Inner Layer of Avatar)

It can take “decades’ to get from a Junior Advanced Intern to a Stars Edge Trainer. The stages within the Advanced Intern Program are as follow:

1) Junior Advanced Intern

2) Tweenies

3) Advanced Intern

4) Qualified Master

5) Stars Edge Intern

6) Stars Edge Trainer


In some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, if you are on the AIP you will be “constantly” on-course, with some AIs working 80+ hours a week and some QMs working 100+ hours per week.  AI’s and QM’s are not on a salary by Stars Edge.  They rely on the multi level marketing set up to get paid.  Some barely get any money and are constantly borrowing of banks, loans and other Avatar Masters.

A rich Avatar Master is EXTREMELY rare and almost none existent.

If you are told otherwise, it is deception.  At this stage ask them for the numbers,  salaries and income levels for each stage of the pyramid.



Disclaimer: The purpose of this expose is to warn, educate and bring the truth to the surface - potentially saving lives and preventing any future victims. We do not intend to slander, libel or harm anyone mentioned in this expose or throughout this website. This expose is based on the opinion of the author regarding their personal experience, an investigation undertaken, reviews made on the internet, reviews received, interviews carried out, evidence received and retained, and a full assessment made against credible cult expert 'models' such as the Bite Model, Singer's Six Conditions and Lifton's 8 conditions.