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“Amanda Reed is an exceptionally brave and courageous woman who is standing up for justice against a powerful and abusive cult leader and cultic group. For Amanda to continue counselling and sharing cult survivors’ stories to spread the truth about this destructive organisation, takes immense time and energy, and the result is a testament to her inner strength and resilience.

Having been in this cult herself, she is a survivor of the manipulation and mind control which others have experienced before her, and many still are, which allows her to have a deep empathy for ex-cult members and their families and friends.

Amanda could have walked away and begun a new life for herself, however she has made it her mission to educate the world about Avatar so that other victims do not fall prey to this cult.

I applaud Amanda on the amount of information she has gathered and shared on her website and the extent and reach of her awareness campaigns online. I am certain she has already saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives already. As I personally know, once someone becomes trapped in a cult, they may never escape”.

Carli McConkey

Cult Education and Recovery Advocate | Ex Cult Member, Universal Knowledge


“Avatar Uncovered is a very personal and eye-opening resource into the world of Avatar and the Stars Edge Network.

The information, education and support provided on this website is targeted for current and former members, concerned families, and helping professionals.

It took great personal courage and strength for Amanda to break away from Avatar and build a new life.

My go to resource on Avatar.  A great resource!

Patrick Ryan 

Cult Intervention Specialist – helping families rebuild connections.

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“Avatar Uncovered is an exceptional, liberating and informative resource that exposes in detail the workings and exploitation’ s of Stars Edge International and the Avatar courses.

Avatar Uncovered presents a professional approach that penetrates the saccrin sweet facade of a truly dark toxic and sinister movement. Amanda is both pragmatic and personally available for assistance, support and guidance. Her dedication to others liberation from this evil force is both broad deep and real.

Amanda Emily Reed has taken exhaustive steps over many years towards self recovery. She is a mentor,  resource and confidant to many others as they grapple with their horrendous realisations and seek to move toward reclaiming their lives.

It is only because of Avatar Uncovered that I myself have been able to stabilise and  move beyond my destroyed broken heart and life. Amanda’s genuine concern as well as her unwavering and constant support has enabled me to rebuild.

Confidant, mentor, empathiser and inspiration, Avatar Uncovered is a resource of extraordinary value.”

Lucy Donnellan

Ex-Avatar Master | Supporter of Avatar Uncovered