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Just to inform everyone we are still here at Avatar Uncovered and I apologise it has been so long!

Some important time out was needed in January, which was not expected.  I have also had to take a really good look at ‘where we were at’, and ‘where we are going’, in addition to looking after my own health, which I have often neglected throughout this expose.

We are all ex-Avatar Masters or ex-Scientologists and many of us have loved ones or those we are worried about in Avatar.  Therefore, this all can have significant affect on our own mental, emotional and physical health.  It’s not the same as having a 3rd party (such as a lawyer or investigative journalist) take on a corrupt organisation, who has never had any personal involvement. In my experience, it takes way more emotional energy and sometimes can be very distressing, in addition to ‘triggering’ which continues to take place from the trauma many of us have received from exiting a cult.  

This is something I have not fully appreciated until now.

In addition to this, due to the nature of information we have been getting in over the last few weeks, and where everything is going, we have decided to discontinue the #222days as we just do not have the resource to focus on so many different areas. 

I have just taken good look at what is working/not working and also where we need to prioritise to get the best possible outcome.

Therefore, over the next few months we will be focusing on the following critical areas:

  • Reporting to authorities and key organisations (abuse, neglect of children, mental health, fraudulent activities, scamming, breach of labour laws, etc)
  • Gathering important cases, affidavits and key evidence (from individuals and as a Group) – potential Class Action.
  • Working with key media organisations, especially current affair shows and responsible investigative journalists.
  • Continuing to provide support to families, partners and loved ones, especially those which involve children.

I will be doing some key videos over the next few weeks, but they will be ‘quality over quantity’ and will have a strong purpose behind them.

I will still update as necessarily via our blog and Facebook page.

Campaigns in key areas are still running (within our budget) to warn people about Avatar.

However, as Avatar’s numbers are significantly reducing, our primary concern is the legalities and reporting, seeking justice for all those who have been harmed, and seeking a full expose and investigation by key media outlets into Avatar’s corrupt activities and horrendous consequences which have taken place over the decades.

This – we hope –  will lead to some serious action being taken!

If you have ANY information regarding the illegal practices, abuses, etc of Avatar/Stars Edge, or any inside information which can help us to get more action to be taken – please do contact us:

I urge you to be brave! 

The way these organisations and cult leaders get away with so much is people’s silence and no action being taken.

I strongly believe (along with others who are involved) that none of this should be left and swept under the carpet.

Abuse perpetuates and until people take action, nothing is ever done.

It has also reached the tipping point of being a duty of care to report and take action.  There are children involved and some very vulnerable people, with some very worrying practices and serious accusations.  It also is in the ‘public interest’, which is why we will be working hard to get a current affair program to pick this all up and run with it.

However, no authority can take action, no current affair program can report, nor can there be legal cases without the bravery of the people who have been affected to step forward and share not only information, but also their story.

Lastly, a reminder of the letters which were sent to Stars Edge over 2 years ago.  

Still no response!  And no feedback, or desire “whatsoever”. to address any of the information or accusations which have been presented to Stars Edge, Harry and Avra via Avatar Uncovered since our launch – 5th January 2018.

I wonder why?

Thank you ALL for your continued support.

Lets work towards a positive and ‘just’ result!

All the best


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke