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A bit of a heavy subject I’m writing about today, but its a HUGE concern of mine considering the amount of people I have spoken to who have left Avatar and who have had suicidal thoughts, or know someone who has, whilst they were in this organisation and often practising as an Avatar Master (myself included!)

Like many who come out of an abusive environment, we are often led to believe we are the only one.  That our case is isolated and that we are to blame, or have done something wrong to create our circumstance.

In addition to this, we can feel like we have no voice and have often even been silenced by the oppressor.

This is what is amazing about creating a platform and space like Avatar Uncovered.  We get to speak about our true experiences and this enables us to discover more about the true goings on in this organisation and what really took place for so many of us.

I will only touch on this today but I do want to highlight how serious and worrying this whole situation is.

I know for me, this issue has kept me up at night many, many times (it still does) and I find it EXTREMELY worrying and very disturbing!!

I want to stress how worrying this issue is!!

The fact that there are practising Avatar Masters who are suicidal and/or are really suffering mentally and they are still kept interning continuously – (often taking vulnerable students through courses) – whilst themselves are so close to the edge is MIND BLOWING!

It is also DANGEROUS!!!!!

It also is DISTRESSING for loved ones who watch someone they love and care about go through continuous pain and suffering whilst stuck in this abusive organisation year upon year upon year – and there is nothing they can do but watch from the outside. 

What is even more concerning is that Stars Edge and Harry Palmer do not seem to give a damn and will not address this very, very serious issue.

It seems to be part of the “Avatar Path” – to struggle mentally and even to be suicidal!!

They just blame the person, and in some circumstances, state that it is to do with entities and will just give the person more ‘processing’ to do.

There are NO referrals being made to a professional when someone is struggling mentally.

This is even with regards to children!

The Avatar tools fix everything apparently.

This has even been expressed in Harry Palmers Facebook Group by Harry himself. 

So we say ALL of this with full confidence! 

Harry has even expressed this himself for the whole world to see!

He does not believe suicide is a big issue.  It’s likely an entity “trying to atone and screaming to get out of the person”!  Depression has no part in suicide apparently according to Harry Palmer.

A reminder of this conversation here….

Letters in the past have been sent to Harry, Avra and Stars Edge about the serious issue of Avatar Master’s mental health not being addressed.

Not one response!!

Even ex Masters have written to Harry and Stars Edge in the past highlighting this issue, which was personal to them or regarding someone they love and care about.

Not one response!!

So, if you are considering the Avatar course, then do be warned that not only have their been psychotic breaks on the basic and advanced courses, but there are even current practicing Masters, AIs, and QMs who are struggling mentally and have had these psychotic breaks!  

They are pushed and coerced to continue working and to be “in service’ – no matter their circumstance.  Even if they are seriously ill – they are told to “suck it up”, stay ‘on course’ and keep going.

And don’t forget – no one is getting paid!!!!!   This is all FREE LABOUR for Harry and Avra.

I will discuss this further in the future, but for now, I wanted to bring this back up to the surface for discussion.


Our mental health should NEVER EVER be taken so lightly!!

It absolutely disgusts me!  I have no words as to how much!

And my message to Harry, Avra and Stars Edge – WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN?!

How in the world can you justify such negligence and barbaric practices??!!

I wonder if we will ever get any response?

Will any action ever be taken?

Again, thank you all for your continued support.