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It has been many months since our last update.  COVID has affected us all in so many ways and I hope you have managed to stay save, look after yourself, your families and those you love.  We are fortunate here where I live in Australia to have very very low numbers now (thanks to a strong health response and just recently the very good work of the State of Victoria). 

However, I know for some of you this is far away from your experience. For some of you I have spoken to, it has been and continues to be very challenging and my heart goes out to you.

What has been happening?

In terms of the work here at Avatar Uncovered, we have kept moving forward at a steady pace, mainly continuing to gather evidence, write up legalities and maintain what we have been doing for the last few years.  

I personally was heavily affected by COVID back in March, professionally and personally, in addition to also having some health issues (now mostly resolved) which took me out for a few months. 

However, both myself and others supporting this body of work are now ready to propel this all forward and get some action taken.

I believe the break has done us all good, especially dealing with something which can be very heavy and at times emotionally draining. 

Where are we going?

I know some feel Avatar will all die a death, but sadly cults rarely do this without some help!  

Cults are survivors!  They will keep going.  They find away to ‘revive and survive’.  They do not give up!  Especially those which are led by leaders with personality profiles such as Harry and Avra.  Scientology is a clear example of this.

It is the people who help to end these cults and who have enough information and energy to get critical media coverage and push the authorities to take action, leading to prosecution and in some cases closure!

This takes time, patience, persistency and also bravery for those who speak up.

A good recent example of this is the NXIVM cult, where ex high ranking members and Catherine Oxenberg (whose daughter had been initiated into the cult) took their stories to the media and critics/ex-members had spent years compiling enough evidence and information for the authorities to take action.

If you have not read the case of NXIVM, I strongly recommend you do as the set up of this cult, the courses and the psychological, coercive and manipulative practices are very closely aligned to Avatar.

Their leader – Keith Rainere – has just recently been given a sentence of 120 years.

A landmark case!

How can you help?

With this all in mind, here are some key points moving forward:

Reporting to authorities

If you have any information whatsoever you feel would benefit being reported to key authorities within the country you live in, or which could help our overall case in prosecuting this organisation, please email Amanda @

Critical reviews

If you are not aware, we have a critical review section on our website.  This is the most visited page on the website each day and performs very well in Google, having the top 1 to 3 places for many search terms related to Avatar.

If you have an experience, or incident related to Avatar which you would like to appear as a critical review, please do send it to us at Avatar Uncovered. 

These reviews seriously help others!! 

They help warn people.  They help family members and loved ones understand.  They help us to build evidence and a case.  They help prevent anyone else being pulled into this abusive and exploitive cult. 

These can be posted anonymously.


If you have had a negative experience and are open to speaking with the media, please do contact me. This can be done “off the record”. I am currently pulling together enough people and evidence to get media coverage (I have had conversations with well respected media outlets).

Cults are something the media will not report on easily due to their reputation in suing media outlets. Therefore, the evidence needs to be overriding and the amount of people willing to speak to the media needs to be many.


I’m still open to interviewing anyone who has had a negative experience with Avatar and feels their story can help others. Please contact me for an initial discussion. If you would prefer to do an audio interview, then this is fine. You don’t have to be on camera! If you would like to do a written interview, then this is fine too.

Again, as Ive stressed previously, if you have any information regarding the illegal and abusive practices of Avatar / Stars Edge, or any inside information, please do contact us so we can add it to our evidence and action can be taken.

If you do not feel comfortable contacting us, then do report it to your local authorities, the appropriate Government department, your local MP, the Media and also the main body / not for profit who deals with cults in your country of residence. 

If we do not do this, no one can do anything.

I again thank you all for your continued support. 

All the best and take care.