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We have an interview coming up this week with Kathy Raines from Harry Palmer’s ex Scientology Elmira Mission.

In preparation, Im sharing the original paper clips of the 5 day news coverage which was published in the Star Gazette back in February, 1988.  I have shared this before on the website, but as you know there is heaps of information on it and I don’t think many people have read them.

For ex-Avatar Masters – I HIGHLY recommend reading these!!!!

If you are interested in the interview coming up – I HIGHLY recommend reading these!!!

If you are wondering how Avatar was born – I HIGHLY recommend reading these.

The first three parts of these stories deal with the practices, lifestyle and finances of Scientologists as told by Margie Hoffman (now Rodgers).  Over a 12-year period, she rose to become third in command to Harry Palmer for a period of time.  It begins on how Margie and others walked out on Harry Palmer.

Day 1 

Star Gazette day 1 continued

Star Gazette day 1 continued.2

Star Gazette day 1 continued.3


Day 2 

Star 2 (1)

Star 2. (2)


Day 3

Star Gazette.jpeg

Star Gazette day 3.bottom page 1

Star Gazette day 3.bottom page continue 1A

Star Gazette day 3.bottom page continue 1b.


Day 4

Star Gazette.day4 front 1

Star Gazette.day4 cont. 1

Star Gazette.day4 cont. 2


Day 5

Star 5 front pg 1

Star 5 front pg 2

Star Gazette day 5 cont 1

Star Gazette day 5 cont 2


CONDENSED VERSION: Harry-Palmer-and-Scientology-Newspaper-Series


I hope this helps to not only share more of the truth, but for healing if you have left and feel you were to blame or are flawed in some way!

All the best