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I know Im wayyyyy behind in these #222days but Im aiming to get on top of it all real quick. 

After weeks of tearing my hair out, I finally have good stable internet (where it doesnt take me 3 hours to upload a short video) and I have also just ordered a new microphone too – woooo…. hoooo…. 

So the interview is coming up real soon and hopefully it will be better quality for everyone.

Today I want to speak to you about an internal practice which I feel is important to bring to light.

Since starting this expose, on many occasions I’ve had some ex-members who were part of the Advanced Intern program mention to me how they have at one time or another been accused of “trying to bring down Harry Palmer” due to their actions, decisions and choices.

I remember at first being horrified about this, especially considering Harry claims to be no guru and that his organisation is not cultic in anyway.

Who is he to be so high and mighty that he accuses his most loyal Masters of “trying to bring him down” and then having them make amends for this “so called” transgression?

Examples of this practice include:

  • The person has an intention to bring down Harry Palmer (which is then processed over days and days) and is manipulated to make amends by handing over funds for new student loans/scholarships for courses and internships.
  • The person is not showing up to enough courses, and this is because they are holding an intention to “bring down Harry Palmer” (lack of funds or other commitments is not seen as the true reason).  They need to rectify this to move to the next stage in the Advanced Intern Program.
  • The person wants to get into a relationship but is accused of really “trying to bring down Harry Palmer” by getting into this relationship, so the person then needs to process their “true intention”, rather than it merely being love, connection or choice.

Basically where Avra, a Trainer, or a QM has wanted to manipulate someone below them to do something, such as turn up to the next course, do an internship, stay away from a relationship (or in some cases, never to have a relationship), or handing over funds for loans – this “accusation” is used internally to bully, manipulate and coerce someone into doing something they do not really want to do.

The worse part is, by the end of the processing, they are subtly manipulated into believing the accusation is true, that their intentions were wrong and selfish and the person doing the coercing was correct with the accusation.

To a rational person not in Avatar, this may sound crazy, but its important to remember the amount of thought reform and mind manipulation a person has gone through by the time they have reached the Advanced Intern Program.

You really do believe Harry and Avra hold the key to an Enlightened Planetary Civilisation and everyones awakening on our planet! 

The responsibility is seen as a huge one!  And you do not want to be letting everyone down – especially the Group, Harry and Avra.

Also, when someone has to go off and process these things, it can be for days at a time and its amazing how the tools can be used to manipulate our perception and beliefs. 

In the worst situations, they can leave you in a complete mess and an emotional reck, which then leaves you open for suggestion.

I wanted to bring this up because this again goes completely against what Avatar and Stars Edge claim to be.

It is not about living deliberately, or exploring our beliefs, or gaining autonomy in our life.  Its all about serving Harry and Avra’s “mission” and “intention” and what is good for Stars Edge and the Group.

What is good for the Avatar Master is not once considered.

It does not matter if they go bankrupt, have their heart broken, lose a marriage or end up hospitalised. 

Its about what’s best for Avatar!!

How about you?  Did you ever undergo this type of manipulation, or witness it?

I would love to hear from you!

Have a great week!