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It’s been a bit challenging to keep up with the #222days but know I’m doing my absolute best!

I came across this recent review on Quora and I thought it was important to share because it’s perfect timing in terms of the recent video I did on Love Bombing.  

This happens A LOT re. Avatar (and other cults) and sadly many people do not make their exit on day 3, despite the Avatar Course often being quite traumatic for some people, especially if you have had abuse in your life (mine personally was very traumatic and I had no escape route as I was in a strange country with zero funds).  I also had nightmares most nights and felt very intimidated, but because I trusted friends who had brought me in, I did not leave and then got pulled into this cult for reasons I will discuss further into the future.

My case is far from an isolated one and I also took students through who were clearly very broken down and traumatised by the experience.

Here is the review.

“I attended for three days (Avatar), called my mother because something didn’t feel right. They continued to ask for more money. All it did was make me bring up traumas from my past and when I tried to leave they all circled me. I finally made my escape when lunch came. I was groomed into this. She acted like she really wanted to help me and cared about me. Haha what a joke. I went into a downward spiral after the 3 days I was there. They are not trained professionals and only want your money!! Harry came from Scientology!!!! If I would’ve known that, I would’ve never attended. All they did was break me down to make me feel like I needed to stay for more courses. What a horrible experience! Save your money and mental health. Seek a professional!”


The “grooming part” is very common and we have had other stories of a similar nature come directly in to Avatar Uncovered – not just postings on the internet. 

Some have even claimed they were “groomed” for several months, and again, the Master acted like their “best friend” who promised them the world. 

I hope this helps to not only warn others but also help those who have left and may have had a similar experience to see it wasn’t there fault and how this common tactic is used on so many.

And thank you to the person who posted the reviews.  These experiences which are shared help sooooo many people!

All the best