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Within the Avatar Network the mishandling of mental health and the true needs of a person is worrying, both for students taking The Avatar Course; moving further into the advanced courses, onto becoming a loyal member of the Group and for practising Avatar Masters.

The following comment from an ex-Avatar Master sums this up perfectly.

“What is most concerning to me is that when I look back at some of the things that were going on I had no idea how close a student was to becoming totally mentally unstable and how some of these students did end up having fully blown psychosis and require hospitalisation ‘on-course’ or immediately following it”. (1)


From many conversations I have had, a vast amount of practising Avatar Masters have felt as though they were totally out of their depth, dealing with situations we were not qualified to deal with (i.e. rape, child sexual abuse, domestic violence).

So many of us had no idea exactly what was going on with some of these students when they appeared to be not “getting it”, or “losing it”, were “out of body”, or were being “overly emotional”.


What About Avatar Masters?

As you get further into the Group, mainly at the levels of AI, QM and Trainer, there is often a lack of compassion, love or understanding for someone who has mental health issues, from as mild as anxiety, through to suicide.

It’s seen as either your creation, your issue, or a persistent entity(s) which hasn’t been handled.

It’s seen as your “drama” and “victim consciousness”.

If the Avatar tools are not working – then it is your problem!

The issue rests with you, not Avatar.


Avatar Masters Not Taking Action

This results in action not being taken within the higher ranks of Avatar when it absolutely should be (i.e. common sense tells you so).

In addition to students, some Masters, including AI’s and QM’s, have struggled severely with their mental health whilst on-course, or being part of the group, but this is kept hidden due to the shame in making such a disclosure would make.

Therefore, some Avatar Masters simply suffer in silence.

They just keep working, whilst they are dying inside.

Two comments which have been made to me on several occasions by ex-Avatar Masters have been: “I felt like I was dying inside” and “I was going insane in there, whilst putting on a happy face”.


Harry Palmer’s Heartless Commentary

Just this past week, Harry Palmer’s comments regarding the two celebrities who have recently committed suicide, which he has shared within his Facebook group, is extremely worrying and very hypocritical for a leader who preaches compassion, love and enlightenment.

Harry Palmer comments:

“It seems that some People get so drunk on themselves that they fall subject to entity influence, i.e. meaning the projection and dramatization of the entity.  What puzzles me is why the suicide dramatization has come up”.

He then goes on to comment:

“Hanging oneself seems rather barbaric, especially in a world of pills.  My guess is the entity goes out screaming: “With this I atone!” And the only role depression played was letting the entity be in-charge”.

One Avatar Master commented:

“I wish they had the Avatar tools”.

As though these would help someone who is suicidal?

Here are the screenshots.









If someone is suffering within the Group, these comments could have a very negative impact, with them potentially covering up more shame or just “pretending they are ok on course” when they simply are not.

Again, Harry Palmer brings shame to mental illness and mocks suicide, which is VERY serious.

It means a struggling Master, AI, QM or even Trainer will continue to suffer in silence, which could be extremely detrimental in the future.

The FACT is – AIs, QMs and Trainers do leave Avatar completely broken, although this will NEVER be shared within the Avatar Network.

This is more common than not!

Some past committed ex-members have commented how they felt “confused and ashamed” that the Avatar tools were not working for them when they were in dire circumstances mentally and emotionally.

Some felt as though they were literally going “insane” and “cray cray”.

Some have been suicidal when they finally left.

Therefore, our concerns for those still in Avatar within the higher levels are, from my perspective, completely valid.

Just because someone is putting on a smily face, or appears to be composed, doesn’t mean they are!

Experience tells us otherwise.


Suicide Affects Family and Friends

I have lost two people in my family to suicide and I can say it is tragic and has a huge impact on the person’s family, friends, work collegues and their whole community.

It is a very sensitive and delicate area.  It is not black and white. 

It entails deep compassion and understanding.

Reading Harry Palmer’s comments made me realise more than ever just how detached from reality both ‘he’ and his followers really are.

The fact they can even lead something called “The Compassion Project” blows me away.

It is fake!  And it is predatory.

It is ‘a front’ to suck in the trusting and the vulnerable.

I was certainly one of these people.


Mental Disorders and Past Avatar Masters

There have been many Avatar Masters who have left having developed mental disorders (some severe), especially Harry and Avra’s more devoted followers.

They are often both confused and too frightened to speak out, because they know they will get blamed, ridiculed and completely “discredited” by Harry, Avra and the Group as “being a nut case”.

At the very worse, they would be classed as an Avatar Basher.  Someone who is a ‘psychotic loser’ with unresolved mental issues.

This is despite Avatar’s “obvious” contribution to their situation.

Avatar’s lack of care, respect and compassion when someone is hospitalised, or someone is suffering with anxiety, depression and other mental disorders is totally dangerous and totally irresponsible.

From their perspective, it is “victim consciousness”.  But in reality, this ‘belief’ merely serves the cult leaders and suppresses their follows into shame and silence.

It is a common cult tactic!


Legal and Moral Implications

There are legal implications (dependent on country) when not referring someone when its paramount that they should do, especially regarding children.

Avatar Masters, QMs, Trainers, Harry and Avra also have a moral duty to refer correctly and at the very least have some compassion and understanding for those who are struggling.

Mocking suicide in particular is completely un-professional and clearly shows the mis-handling of mental health within the Avatar Network.

It seems if the Avatar tools are not working, it is the Master’s fault and that they haven’t used them correctly.  Either this or they have a transgression, a hidden agenda or a stubborn entity which ‘just won’t let go’.

This is despite the fact there is no manual which shows an Avatar Master “how to use the tools correctly”.

We are supposed to guess!

Neither is there any proof what-so-ever that an “entity” has contributed to their current situation.

“Good intentions and faith in the tools on my part took me into territories usually only dealt with by trained and certified professionals.  Some had great outcomes but some inevitably made things worse for the students and for that I am truly sorry”. (2)


No Doctrine in Avatar?

This is all so surprising considering Harry Palmer’s past claims to the Press that there is no doctrine in Avatar. 

Seriously – this is doctrine!


There is still no official announcement as to where the tools have originally come from, even though us outsiders can clearly see they are borrowings from a variety of sources.

Yes… still no confirmation whether he got them from a spaceship or not?

How then are they so sacred and fool proof?


Mental Health and Children

As has been witnessed by one Avatar Master, even children have not been referred properly by their parents and QMs, but instead they have been told to leave their child to “come around” and that its “entity” issues after Wizards.

This is despite them severely struggling at the time mentally and emotionally, to the stage that it affected their “day to day” living and the family unit.

It’s important to note that some people have been hospitalised after Wizards and these QMs are fully aware of this.

Are these QMs fully aware that someone’s LIFE is in their very hands?

This is the depth of “delusion” within the Avatar Network.  They prefer to conform to their beliefs, doctrine and the recommendations of the unqualified – even to the absolute detriment of someone’s mental health.

Even a child!

Someone’s life is not a game, but Avatar treats it as one.


Avatar’s True Perspective on Mental Health

Mental health in Avatar does not matter.  It really does not!

They will dump someone who develops mental health issues, blame them and then shun them from the Group.

It is simply sickening that Avatar leads the Avatar Compassion Project, yet in reality, has very little compassion or understanding for those who are genuinely suffering and the needy.

They are only compassionate when it suits them (i.e. the money, commitment and good PR is rolling in).

Otherwise, they don’t give a damn.

Sounds like a cult to me… don’t you think?


Is Avatar Dangerous?

As I have said before, and I say more than ever with absolute passion, ‘in my opinion’ Avatar is dangerous spiritually, emotionally, mentally and financially.

Some can have a good outcome from the Avatar Course and leave fairly unscratched; many do not – especially if they then continue into the cult and become a loyal follower.

The other huge concern is how the Group functions as a whole and their internal policies, which have been described by many as being harmful, sociopathic and narcissist in nature. 

The Avatar Network is full of mind games and twists and turns everything according to their agenda.

Therefore, when I say Avatar is dangerous, I am referring to the whole thing – the Course(s), the Group, the Network, their policies and their twisted behaviour.

I am not just referring to the basic 9-day Avatar Course, although some do not even get through this.


In Conclusion

The more the weeks progress – the more Avatar clearly shows someone’s true mental health is not their concern, backed up by their leader’s ‘heartless’ and totally ‘detached’ comments.

What concerns me the most is how Harry’s devoted followers can ‘love’ and ‘like’ these comments and then claim to be so compassionate, loving and enlightened?

Elitism and fanatically following Harry Palmer is having a severe knock on affect for many students and an Avatar Master’s mental health.

I still personally feel ashamed (or shall I say shocked) that I was ever a part of it and I am grateful every single day that my feet firmly touch the ground again.

I hope and pray that one day more Avatar Masters can snap out of the spell and see it for what it truly is!

The mind trap so many of them are in breaks my heart.

It is the ultimate deception!

It’s years they will never get back again!

Amanda x


1 & 2)