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If you have managed to read through the whole of the Avatar Uncovered website (and I know there is heaps of stuff), I’m sure you would have by now come across the letters I sent to Stars Edge, Harry and Avra regarding their practices back as far as January 2018.

If you haven’t read them, here they are:

Letter No. 1

Letter No. 2


The 1st letter was sent when the expose and website was launched – 5th January 2018.  

It had come months after continuous research and various conversations with ex-Scientologists and a couple of ex-Avatars   

What I had discovered and learnt all had blown me away.

To be frank – I was gutted and disgusted! 

I knew I had left a cult but it took me YEARS to understand exactly what had happened, what this even meant, and just how bad it had been for others (way, way worse than me).

There was no response to my letter, which detailed 39 questions based on stories, accusations, experiences and some clear evidence of Avatar’s practices, the history of the course, their leaders and activities.

These included such things as:

  • How they treat their interns, QMs and Trainers
  • How they get paid and slave labour conditions 
  • Relationship control and family breakdown
  • The true origins of the Avatar materials
  • Their disturbing practices and psychological, spiritual, verbal abuse
  • Psychotic breaks 
  • Strong Scientology roots


A few months later after the launch and the 1st letter, I learnt even more of the inner workings of Avatar (I was horrified) and what some others had experienced, especially regarding EXTREME financial exploitation. 

I also had learnt of an internal smear campaign and how the expose was being written of as being led by a crazy person who is mentally unbalanced.

I then wrote a 2nd letter on the 30th March 2018 based on these discoveries.

No response!

Accompanying this was many opportunities via social media to provide comment, feedback, etc…

Still no response….

It has now been 22 MONTHS since the launch of Avatar Uncovered and the first letter.

Complete and utter silence from Stars Edge.

You would think that considering the seriousness of the accusations and the many worrying stories which continue to arise, there would be some concern from Harry and Avra – who claim to be operating at a very high level of consciousness and have a huge mission to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Maybe they think abuse, slave labour, exploitation, psychological damage, coercion, family breakdown and psychotic breaks are all part of this new civilization?

Again, if you have not read the letters, here they are:

Letter 1

Letter 2


Tomorrow (Day 12), I will continue with a discussion around the Media and how I have found them to be reluctant to report on Avatar to date for various worrying reasons.

Have a great week.