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After a huge push of campaigning before the Wizards Course and working towards bringing awareness to the general public as to the true nature of the Avatar Course, the Stars Edge Network and its leaders (Harry Palmer and Avra Honey-Smith), we recently took a bit of a break and have just been keeping things ticking over.

It was very much needed!  A lot of stories and information coming in were really disturbing, with many of us struggling to get our heads around the deception, betrayal and worrying behaviour which has come out of the Avatar cult.  This behaviour has been described by many ex-Avatar Masters (myself included) as narcissistic, sociopathic and even psychopathic.   Not nice at all and far from the behaviour of loving, compassionate and enlightened people.

There is something in listening to other people’s stories, especially when they are so consistent, which just solidifies everything even further. 

We hope to bring more of these stories to the public in the very near future as more ex-Masters feel confident in speaking out.   It’s important to remember that Harry, Avra and Stars Edge have for so long created a culture of fear in speaking out against their abuses and injustices.  They have also created a culture of self-blame, self-hatred and a lack of self-worth, especially for those who were loyal for many many years and who have broken away from the Network.  It all takes time but some are getting braver and its really rewarding to see them beginning to step out and speak up.

So, moving forward, what will we be focusing on here at Avatar Uncovered?



We plan to carry out many interviews over the next few weeks/months.  These will be with ex-Avatar Masters who have a story to share, mental health practitioners who can help give insight into the affects cults such as Avatar can have on our psyches/long term health, and cult experts/thought reform consultants who can educate us on practices such as mind control, thought reform and undue influence.

For our past Interview with Margie Rodgers, ex-Scientology/Avatar – go HERE


Blog Posts and Videos

We will be creating a variety of blog posts in the future, in addition to using video as our main medium. I personally plan to start making short videos weekly which mainly highlight cult techniques used in Avatar, how to identify them and how to protect ourselves.  I also want to make some videos highlighting some of the deceptive practices Avatar are currently using.


Public Relations (PR)

We have lots planned in terms of getting media attention and public relations, including local, national press throughout the United States, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to publications which focus on cult awareness and mental health.  If you live in any other countries and would like to help, please do let us know.  At the moment, most of our team supporting this exposure/campaign are based in the US, with things beginning to shake up in Australia and New Zealand.

The ultimate would be for us to get in front of Leah Remini and her show Scientology and the Aftermath, due to both the huge impact she has made on so many of us, and the worrying similarities between Avatar and Scientology.


Critical Reviews

We are beginning to get more reviews coming in which people do not mind us sharing.  We also get a lot of sensitive information, which at this time, ex-Masters and families would prefer us not to share.  We will always respect this and will never ever share any information sent to us without formal permission.  

If you have a story to tell, please do contact us.  They are making a huge impact and they also provide the confidence some ex-Members need in speaking out about their experience.  I have found that the further up members have gone in Avatar, the harder it is for them to speak out.  I hope this platform helps give them confidence and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need support. 


Ex-Avatar Masters

If you are an ex-Avatar Master and are struggling, please do contact me!  I can put you in contact with people who specialise in this area; are caring, compassionate, and can help you – no matter your budget. 

Please do not suffer alone!

Please do not think any of this is your fault!

Realise that there are other ex-Masters out there who have been harmed, betrayed and who are also struggling.  Way more than you will find on the internet at this time.

Do not suffer in silence!


Moving forward, I hope you continue to find this platform supportive, educational and useful.  I personally will remain firm in my approach to all those involved in Avatar, especially Harry, Avra and Stars Edge.

From my perspective, it is disgusting behaviour and it is not acceptable.  Just because our world currently has thousands of cults ruining people’s lives does not mean I’m letting this one get away with the harm they have caused. 

My biggest concern has always been the mental state of current and ex members and the worrying fact that the Avatar cult is churning out mentally disturbed people, who either suffer in silence, or need serious psychological intervention.

My continued sleepless nights and drive with this platform come solely from this concern and the welfare of those I love dearly. 

It is not something which should ever be taken lightly.

Keep spreading the word and never feel you have to remain silent. 

Much love to everyone.

Amanda x

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