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If you don’t know yet, you will know that I’m not just dedicated in sharing the manipulative and corrupt practices of Avatar and Stars Edge, but am VERY passionate about sharing ‘cult tactics’ and how ‘cults looks and operate’. 

This is for a variety of reasons. 

It helps ex-members to heal. It helps us to keep away from high control, abusive groups.  And it also helps families, friends and partners to understand how their loved one can ever have been taken in by “a cult”!

Therefore, throughout these #222days, you will find I cover A LOT of education and cult tactics for these very reasons.

So, what is a cult and why do people join them?

By far this video is the best I have found which explains the whole set up of a cult, why people “join them” and how they get out.

It’s also had 2.5 MILLION VIEWS so far!

It explains that – NOT ALL CULTS are religious.  They can be political, therapy based, or even built around a passion. 

They aren’t always what we think they are, or how society has presented them over the years.

By understanding them – we can do more!  We can help those we love, protect ourselves AND protect society.

So, what does define our modern understanding of cults and why do people join them?

I hope you have found the last few days educational and empowering.

All the best and stay tuned!