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Exciting update!
This week we have coming up:

1. An Interview with an ex-Scientologist from Harry + Avra’s Elmira Mission – Kathy Raine.

You do not want to miss this interview!
The similarities with Avatar and the way they run their “Network” is shocking!
Here are some comments from Kathy in preparation for our interview:
All the money I gave to Harry was in bank loans.  I was directed to go to the banks and take out loans.  The interest rates were very high back then (~15%), and banks were very liberal with their lending. 

“I was instructed to take out multiple loans at once before the loans hit my credit report.  I was instructed to lie to the banks about my debt.  I saw my roommate told to forge a tax return to show higher income for a bank.

“When the money came through, Avra would demand cash.  They refused to take a check from me.  I knew why, but I couldn’t admit it.  Harry was hoarding this money and not paying a percentage to the Big Church of Scientology, like he was supposed to. 

“I would try to stay in good graces, but I just didn’t know what to do or say.  I was very nervous around staff, especially Harry and Avra.  Avra could smell fear, and she was more than happy to blame you for their arrogance toward you.  Once the students were given a very large box of godiva chocolates, and when I wanted to eat a second one, she scolded me.  Then she apologized and said ‘my thoughts must have caused her to act that way.’ 

“There may have been 30 core people at the Mission, with others coming and going.  Harry had maybe 9 people on staff, and they only made pennies an hour (we’re a church, remember?), but we really didn’t need all those people.  Harry owned the building, along with other real estate.  I lived in one of his houses, along with other followers.  I worked with followers.  I didn’t have any friends except other Harry followers.  I had no time, no money, no life.  My husband and I fell exhausted into bed every night.  No time for picnics, movies, music, friends, family, and certainly no money either!

“It is my understanding that Harry was delivering higher level classes and counselling that only the main Church of Scientology could sell.  They were going to sue him if he didn’t stop.  Shortly after, he came out with Avatar! 
“I spent a long time crying.  I was angry, too.  I felt like I lost those years with Harry, lost them from my life.  I had cut off friends and family.  I was in massive debt.  I managed to find someone at Cornell who was in the Cult Awareness Network, and he directed me toward some books, one especially, called Snapping.  Reading about how people are vulnerable, and how destructive mind control cults can break you down and then reshape you to their way of thinking, and make you into addicted malleable puppets for them to pull the strings, it was a help.  I could see my progression of falling for Harry, from start to finish. 


2. #222days to the Wizards Course campaign …

Yes its only #222days to the Wizards Course, which is supposed to be the last one ever.
However, certainly not the end of Avatar according to Stars Edge.
We at Avatar Uncovered do not believe it is right for Harry and Avra to have a legacy Wizards course when so much harm and exploitation has not only happened – but CONTINUES to happen.
Not only this – but they plan to release something SPECIAL at this Wizards Course!!!
Did you know what happens to get so many people to a Wizards Course?
Who really pays the price??
It certainly is not what Avatar tells you!!
And it certainly is not because they are magically drawn to do Avatar.
The amount of abuse, exploitation, manipulation and coercion AIs, QMs and Trainers receive to get someone to a course such as Wizards will blow you away.

So, in light of this all – for #222days starting this Thursday – we will be posting a piece of content to the internet EVERY SINGLE DAY for #222days.

These will be in the way of:
✔️ Facebook Lives
✔️ Blog Posts
✔️ YouTube Videos
✔️ Podcasts
We will be sharing a range of content, including:
✔️ Inside Avatar and the true goings on within their Network
✔️ Real live stories, interviews and insights
✔️ Cult tactics and how Avatar implement these
✔️ What to watch out for.
And basically anything else which shows the true intentions of the leaders and this Group!
So in a nutshell – this is 222 videos, blog posts, FB Lives and podcast episodes between next Thursday 24th and June 1st, 2020.
Stay posted!
More info coming the next couple of days!
And more updates in addition to the Interview and #222days.
Thanks for your continued support!