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As you probably know, Avatar have claimed over the years that there is no connection or influence from Scientology regarding their “tools”, teachings or inner workings. 

However, for those of us who have done our research, this clearly is a big fat lie!  

Avatar was launched only a few months after Harry lost his rights to sell Scientology courses and the influence is clear as day.  

I have even found the connection between Feel It’s and the Reality Creation List in the OT Levels (the higher levels of Scientology).

Scientology is a clear influence all the way through every single course, and as you move into the Advanced Intern Program, this influence gets greater.


Attention Exercises and Locationals

Today I want to introduce everyone to what are called “Locationals” in Scientology.  For those who have done ReSurfacing as a minimum, or even the Attention Mini Course, you will clearly see the similarity.

Here is an example of a locational processing assist, taken from the Scientology Handbook.




Here is the link to the webpage found within the Scientology Handbook>>

You will see its all about redirecting someones attention from a pain or upset by re-directing it to an object. 

As Scientology word it: A Locational is done by directing a person’s attention off the painful area of his body or his difficulties and out onto the environment.

This is very similar to Avatar’s attention exercises and also philosophy.

This is just one example, but there are many, many more.


Mini Courses, Resurfacing and Attention Exercises

Avatar’s version of locationals can be found throughout every course in Avatar, as well as those taught ONLY to AIs, QMs and Trainers.

12 exercises out of the 30 exercises in the Resurfacing course are an adapted version of a locational.  They are also in various others parts of the Avatar Path and are also used by Advanced Interns / QMs / Trainers behind the scenes.


Continued denial…

The similarities can be found on Scientology’s own website, yet Stars Edge and their Avatar Masters will still deny it.

Yet it is in black and white.

With the controversial nature of Scientology, it is clearly wrong for Harry Palmer and Stars Edge to keep lying about this connection and how the exercises are clearly adaptions of Scientology.

The worst part from my perspective is that the more loyal Avatar Masters are taught to have “reverence” for the tools and what Harry has created.

They are taught to have reverence to an obsessive level, but reverence for family, love, nature and all the other amazing things in the world are totally ignored.

Its just about how amazing the tools are and how we are to honour Harry Palmer for giving them to us. 

How they are sacred and how the mission is sacred!

Yet ALL the tools are borrowed and ALL are adapted from other modalities.

This is clearly wrong.

In the future I will cover other similarities between Avatar and Scientology, such as their Training Routines, OT levels, ethics procedures, transgressions kept secret and internal policies.

There is so much to cover…. I could write a book. 

Stay posted!