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Opposing Points of View

As we mentioned at the start of this expose we do welcome opposing points of view and new evidence at anytime.

Here are some opposing points of view:



I am an objective observer with an unbiased point of view as I am not active within avatar, however I have done the courses.

It sound like you had a very bad experience and are very angry, and I can understand all the confusion you must have experienced having done avatars then looked at the internet layer and discovered a wealth of conflicting information. You’re expose however is completely one sided.

I think to myself often about the inner workings but I do not want to delve into that. Would it not be fair if you are publicly launching a campaign on avatar as to all the benefits it has provided for the LARGE MAJORITY of people that have taken the course. The emotional trauma of past situations or disagreements with family or confidence, ambition and taking responsibility for ones life? I was also worried about finances but using the tools I learned on course I have managed to get a job without studying for years which is a salary I couldn’t imagine a few years ago. It supports the environment and it just right for me.

As much as I don’t understand the inner workings completely the structure of what the course teaches does empower people to be confident and work within society to ends that contributes towards a better working if society, ie using the heart as a guide to achieve goals that are beneficial to all and not just selfcentered. If you are accusing all of these things to Stars edge should you not also be looking at the bias you are presenting yourself?

I could ask a string of questions such as why have you not also included all the empowering magical happy moments you obviously experienced whilst on course and learning about your consciousness? The issue is that what is taught in scientology and avatar (I include the two together for reference of your expose) is that society has no understanding of how these methods are so effective- and in my opinion the current model of science and psychology has not caught up with what is possible to develop a humans potential. People could spend years and years in therapy but resolve many of these issues in a matter of weeks. This is incredible and something the professions in existing societies have not begun to catch up with.

Without making this too long, I feel it would be worth looking as the perspective you are writing from and making it objective rather than flipping from one side to the other. As Alan Watts says dark and light coalesce together. The nature of polarity is as such the universe is. Identity flipping comes to mind, again only coming from a contemplative perspective. Looking at the situation from above as opposed to one side against another helps me to make sense of everything I hope I am not out of place giving my point of view

Kind regards