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What are some Avatar Masters dealing with behind the scenes? ?

Diagnosis of disorders such as bipolar, depression, panic attacks, anxiety and even claims of self harming.  These are just some of the situations AIs and QMs are dealing with behind the scenes of Avatar!

We get many emails and reports in on a weekly basis from ex-members, family, friends and partners – and personally I find these stories and reports to be extremely worrying. 

I would like Stars Edge and Harry and Avra to take this VERY SERIOUSLY and to start looking after their staff, team and active members – rather than knocking them and making it feel as though its their fault if they are suffering, or because they have a transgression against Harry Palmer, or that they have brought “entities” into their world.

Their Avatar Master’s mental health are clearly suffering – and they just dont care!!

Not one care in the world…. not their problem apparently!!

How does this fit into their whole concept of an Enlightened Planet…. care for the bigger picture… and compassion?

I have from the outset been VERY CONCERNED that Avatar Masters are not getting the love and support they so need!   The mental state of active Avatar Masters has always been my biggest concern and biggest drive for doing Avatar Uncovered.

Our mental health IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. 

Ex-members can take years to recover and some have claimed they still can’t work even decades later.

This is very, very serious!!

Yet no one from Stars Edge Headquarters can address Avatar Uncovered about any of these claims.  No one is taking it seriously, yet they actively recruit the vulnerable and bring them into their world.

They do not warn any students as to what they will be really subjected to on-course, nor do they ever highlight the possible negative consequences.

I know from the perspective of European Law… that this is a breach of contractual law under Unfair Contractual Terms (one of many breaches which can be highlighted in the Stars Edge Network).

It is clear as day that Harry and Avra do not care about the mental state of their practising Masters. 

Please prove to us otherwise Harry and Avra??!!

Please explain to us and the family, friends and loved ones of those who you have working in your organisation… your true stance on mental health?

When are you going to act like the responsible leaders you claim to be and answer accusations directly?

When are you going to show you truly care about those you hold under your wing and at the very least make sure their mental health is a priority?

The fact that Harry Palmer considers these mental disorders and suicide to be the effects of “entities”, as per his public comments, is extremely worrying.

There are people feeling like they are going insane on course or who have deep deep depression and are clearly struggling.

Yet nothing is done about it!


We would argue that the extreme working hours (up to 18/20 hours per day, 7 days per week for some QMs), the receipt of very little income, constant borrowing of money (hundreds of thousands worth of debt for some higher up), plus the daily pressure for numbers – along with mental, spiritual and verbal abuse  – IS NOT HELPING!!

Also Avatar actively practises disconnection in their higher levels, especially regarding lovers and close partnerships.  This we have hard evidence of, despite them claiming to the public otherwise.  They also consider family to be merely DNA and that we should stand up to them.  The jump from Tweenie to Adv. Intern (the hierarchy in the Advanced Intern Program) carries an expectation that we give up our friends, families, partners, etc if we have to in order to “progress” on the Path in Avatar.

Many AIs, QMs and Trainers have become completely isolated.  They have been led to believe that family, friends and partners are the enemy to their mission and if they do not follow this belief, they are sometimes told that they are trying to “bring down Harry Palmer” and then are put through ‘days upon days’ of Scientology style exercises, until they are completely broken.

They are broken down and built up to the cult until they can see what they have done and how their actions have affected the Group and the Mission.

Shocking!!!!!!!   Disturbing!!!!!!  Worrying!!!!!!

This then makes someone very isolated, alone and easy to control/manipulate.  Especially if they are constantly sleep deprived and have little connection to the outside world.

These are typical cult practices and techniques!

Its not uncommon for someone who is struggling to the extent of self harming to put on a smiley face on “on-course” and then be taking you through the Avatar Course pretending it’s changed their life.

And the worse part is they will believe it has changed their life – despite being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and having lost all their friends, loved ones and life outside of Avatar.

The power of thought reform!!!!

Some will even be sleeping out of their car, in a hammock or be very close to homelessness – whilst telling you you can create your own reality.

This makes Avatar a con and fraudulentbecause Masters are covering up the true consequences of being a practicing Avatar Master – especially the more committed ones.

We would like to see Stars Edge, Harry and Avra answer our emails and address many of the accusations made against them.

We know they can answer emails because they have been answering other ex-members emails over the last few weeks and months.   So they are more than capable!!

It seems they struggle in this area when they are “directly” called out on their damaging practices and know they cannot manipulate their way out of it!  They do not seem to be able to answer direct questions based on facts!

Please spread the word…. share this blog post and spread our expose!!

It may just help one person from being sucked into this very destructive cult, or may reach an ex-member who is still wondering what the hell happened to them and could be suffering in silence.

Thank you so much!