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German TV Documentary

Translation from Video

Ruth Koerner had nobody who would help her to get through the trauma she was experiencing.  If doctors, caregivers, and victims had known more about depression, maybe Ruth Koerner would still be alive.


Research is confirming that not only in older generations the number of mentally ill people is on the rise.  Beside depression, there are eating disorders, panic conditions and deep depressions.  The reasons for this are manifold.


Reality phobia, lack of close-knit families, the high-paced lifestyles of today (for example, the Internet), and the loss of religious meaning. And unfortunately, there are unscrupulous business people who will use such unstable people victims.


They are promising new Self Confidence, Power and Wealth. For example, the new psycho culture organisation: AVATAR. The founder, Harry Palmer, has recruited in over 60 Countries over 100,000 paying followers, to whom he done. He is a former Scientologist.


Reporting are Andrea Motschelin and Kathrin Wuerba…


Isolated from the surrounding world, floating inside a tank filled with Epson salt liquid, falling into a subconscious state, this is what the “Samadhi tank” promises.


The average person will last no longer than 2 hours inside this tank.


Harry Palmer, Ex-Scientologist, founder of AVATAR, a Psycho Cult, has supposedly spent 8 weeks inside this tank…


… and received a divine insight.  Result, the Course: AVATAR.


Its content:


Create your own reality: eliminate tough burdens and great pains in a short time, with the aim of leadership and an enlightened planetary civilisation.


Markus Bauer lost his girlfriend to AVATAR.


For his partner, Harry Palmer’s lessons became Law:  Create your own reality as you wish!


At the end, she wanted to forget about her old world, left her companion and friends.


The result of 3 AVATAR courses: Total loss of reality.


There were countless unpaid bills, trouble with the Law, the collection agency, troubles with the bank, and with all these problems, which truly are threatening a normal existence, she stood there, smiling, in the middle of all this chaos of her life, and wrote on little notes:


“I am fine”, “I haven’t got any problems”, “everything is all right”, “I have got a grasp on everything”.


The AVATAR lessons are packaged as a Personal


of Scientology, and positive thinking, very profitably in 66 countries.


The starter course, “Resurfacing”, is relatively reaonsbly priced – the next lesson costs 2300 Euros.


For the Master course, the charge is 3000USD, and the Wizard course offers enlightenment in 13 Days for 7500 USD.


The contents of the course shave to be kept secret, but Harry Palmer finds out everything abut this students and his “Masters”.


According to critics, Avatar has fascistic traits.


“I feel the structure is totalitarian since one is not allowed to ask fundamental questions”.


Also, I see this as a so-called “snow ball” system through connecting one lesson after the other.  And thirdly, judging by the contents, I feel that it is totalitarian, since only the ones who believe in this and are able to create their own desired ‘truth’ are accepted and thought to be good.’


On the Island of Bali, Avatar offers self-experience underneath palm trees. A vacationing woman ended up in the fangs of this psycho-cult and felt pressured by Avatar followers.


“Right from the beginning, I told them that I wont go along with this silliness, because I suspect you are a Cult.  At first they laughed and ridiculed my statements but gradually they became more and more aggressive against me.  Soon they wanted me to leave and forbid me to spend my vacation at the resort.  They threatened to remove me forcibly.”


Subconsciously, the participants are being instructed that everything – all former thoughts and rules – are worthless and that their souls are deformed.  Avatar is now the solution on the search for the new self.


With Harry Palmer, a big part of this brainwashing is according to the old, proven recipe. When you take a closer look at Avatar, you can see from the structure that is shows throughout its contents similiarities to Scientology. Harry Palmer, the Founder of Avatar training, is also known to have been a higher member of the church of Scientology and has copied many things from them.


For one thing, it is the methods of recruiting members by Avatar; for the other, are the contents of the teachings – both show close similarites, and therefore receive the criticism, which is also aimed at Scientology.


Basically, Harry Palmer is the only one who really profits from Avatar.  Through a franchise system, the masters are forced to pay a license fee to Palmer’s firm, named “Stars Edge International”, located in Florida.  A training license is issued only for one year.   The trainers have to submit monthly reports and all documents have to be forward to Palmer.  Also, they have to swear to secrecy.


It is estimated that Palmer earned about 35,000,000 Euros (35 Million) in the past 15 years – in Europe alone.


“The psychic manipulation was so terrible, that when I left (the course), I felt like I was up in heaven, I thought I was God and that lasted for weeks. But after that, I fell down, the first time in my life I fell into such a very deep depression.  I learned what depression means and I felt how difficult it is, how terrible it can be to be depressed.  I was very, very close to committing suicide.”


A very similar experience is confirmed by a former Master and Wizard from Israel.


She writes: “Avatar is a mental drug.  I experienced two instances when people, after completing an Avatar Course, ended up in a Psychiatric Clinic.”


In the mean time, Avatar Masters are trying to establish themselves in community schools and adult education programs.  There were introductions in at least 3 schools in Bavaria, where they ingeniously sell them as courses for “Personal Development”.


“I had no idea that Avatar is so closely related to Scientology, otherwise this course would have never found its way into our program”.


An English-speaking web page from Avatar suggests ways to make it more attractive for children and youngsters.


Just recently, there was a course from Avatar at a hotel in the Sauerland region.  The Masters, as well as Harry Palmer, refused any comments in front of a camera.


To be able to work on the minds of people in the market of psychology, under present laws, there is no proof of study or any experience required.